Who am I?

Hello hello!

So I am PaperDoll and this is my blog, Heavy Rotation.

Just a blog for me to rant, spazz, and discuss Asian music I like and the artists who make said music.

A bit about myself:

name: call me Sweets

age: 20

location: USA

fandoms: Ayu, Gackt, L’arc, TVXQ (JYJ), Xiah Junsu(yes, he is in a catergory all on his own.) Arashi, Namie, Rainie Yang, Kuu, Perfume, AKB48, Se7en, Rain, Wang Lee Hom, Jay Chou, etc etc

As for what I’ll talk about on this blog: A little about my life, lots and lots of Japanese music (with some K and mando pop in between), random rants about fandom, and lots of spazzing~. Oh! and very random gifs at the end of posts…

Hope you decide to stick around.


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