Part III of my favorite songs of 2011.

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I, uh, hate stupid people . . . but I love really stupid people. I don’t like averagely wise people either, but I do like the really wise.

It’s a quarter to three right now…I am so tired. But I wanted to get this post out.

So onto it (Sorry, if it seems rushed. I might go back and fix it up later)

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For people who don’t know: Super Junior- M are a sub unit of the Kpop Idol group, Super Junior (They sing in Mandarin).


SUJU-M are finally having a comeback with their song, Perfection:

Okay, first let me say that I am not a fan of Super Junior. I either really love their songs or really hate them. But I love me some SUJU – M. I think their songs are better than the actual group’s. Even the remakes are better than the original SUJU songs (namely ‘Don’t Don’). So when I heard that SUJU-M were coming back I was ecstatic!! (I was wondering when it would happen…’cause of the whole Hangeng thing. )

And they did not disappoint at all. OMG. I love this song so much!!!! I audio-ripped the PV and put the song on my Ipod not even five minutes after first hearing it. I’ve been playing it non-stop! God! I love me some SJM. Seriously.

BUT. the rapping at the end really was not necessary. At all. It fucked up the entire song. I was sitting there watching the PV jamming (fapping to Eunhyuk) and then all I hear is this lame ass rap talking about ‘bling bling’ and how they ‘go all out’…

What the fuck was that shit? Was it to hide the fact that Eunhyuk would fuck it up if he (tried) to rap in Mandarin? It amused and disturbed me greatly.

Also, I noticed that Siwon wasn’t really in the PV, save for close-ups…someone told me he was filming or some shizz at the time?

Either way, I loved the song.

But that PV.

If I see one more KPOP PV (even though it’s technically mando-pop…but SME funded for the PV and they probably had a Korean director, so…) that looks like that, I will scream. I really am sick of it. Do something new please, because that shit is getting tired. Like I said before, all the idols have close to the same styles, same music, same PVs…it’s like come on. I see Kpop stans going up and down about how great Kpop PVs are (maybe three years ago…) and yet every time I see one now, I am so underwhelmed.

(Also, I don’t really know if I’m feeling Sungmin and Eunhyuk in the group…)

I still love you though SUJU-M and I love this song.

and yes. I pre-ordered their album. How could I not with a song like that?

(Also, I find it so funny that so many Kpop fans go crazy over SUJU-M (who sing in Mandarin. NOT Korean) yet, majority don’t take the time to listen to singers from Taiwan or Hong Kong (or the mainland). Why is that? If you can listen to your favorite Koreans sing in Mandarin, why not try some real Mando-pop? Same goes for Kpop fans who listen to their faves sing in Japanese yet, don’t try to listen to native artists (A lot of them bash J-artists actually >_>)….I just don’t get it. I remember when THSK were still together (;_;) and a lot of their fans said how much they loved and preferred their Japanese releases…yet many of them didn’t even listen to Jpop (or J-rock…or j-urban..etc etc) and I wondered why not? If your liking their Japanese music so much why not try out native artists’ music?…It’s just something that tends to nag me a little…I mean broaden your horizons people.)





Just two “songs of the moment”…Since I just posted barely two days ago (and I haven’t put all of the singles/albums that I’ve downloaded in the last two days on my Ipod yet lol)

Kuroki Meisa – SHOCK-運命- (I know a guy who’s a huge Meisa fan, and he’s been trying to get me to like her music for the past year now but I honestly just wasn’t feeling like it (plus 2010 was a pretty depressing year for me :/ ) But decided to give her a try yesterday and lo and behold, I actually came to like a song. This one, to be exact. She’s a good dancer.)


JAMOSA – 何かひとつ feat. JAY’ED & 若旦那 (Now, I love me some JAMOSA. That is my bitch. She can do next to no wrong and this proves it. I am loving this song. Not to mention JAY’ED is in this song too? Ah hell yeah. And I’m glad that the PV shorts for this song got a lot of views. Hopefully AVEX is doing some good promotions for her in Japan. She deserves it.)

and that’s it ^^


(I am so pissed off that YG chose “Go Away” as 2NE1’s debut song for Japan….I mean really? That song sucks ass. And so does the rest of that damn album. If they were going to just half-ass this “debut” they should have chose something from their mini-album. So not looking forward to this anymore :/)


Urr…I don’t really have anything to talk about concerning my life so…I guess onto the post!

(gonna put all the posts under a cut now, because it’s slowing down my fucking laptop D:<)

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