Wanted to do a quick Songs of the Moment. So here it is.

Miliyah X Shota – Believe 


Spyair – Departure (This band is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I’ve been listening to them non stop. Seriously, Ike’s voice is like Heaven to me.)


MBLAQ – Mona Lisa (I didn’t even know they were releasing a new mini-album, so this was a pleasant surprise. This mini-album is truly the best thing they’ve ever released. While all the other Kpop groups are at a stand still as far as growth, MBlaq is just continuing to evolve. Anyway, as for this song, I love it. They all sound great (Especially G.O) and I love the beat of the song. I prefer this song over ‘Cry’ but I like the ‘Cry’ PV more.)


CJSH – One More Chance


KAT-TUN – RUN FOR YOU (Single isn’t out yet, but the song leaked and I love it. The covers look great too. I can’t help but think I much prefer 5member KAT-TUN now. I don’t know, I just feel like they have gotten so much better since Jin left the group. Their sales may be decreasing now but I don’t care, because they have been delivering like no other idol group (Korean or Japanese), in my opinion.)


Metro-Ongen  – Eden (I just found out about this band. I love love love their sound.)

I didn’t forget about the song challenge…I’m just really stumped on Day  15 -_-

…Why is it always Kanjani stans that hate on Arashi?  idgi.


I don’t feel like typing out all about my life at the moment so I’ll just say, that my birthday is on Sunday~!!!


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Hello everyone!!! So long story short: The family comp broke…and I still never went and got another charger for my laptop…thus no new post for the last month and a half. But my Bro is in town and I’m using his laptop right now. so YAY!!

Anyway, did everyone have a good Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years?

They were all pretty bland for me D:

but here are a few of my new year’s resolutions:

– Learn to cook

– become more confident

– drive on the interstate (don’t judge me…)

What are some of yours?

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