Here is part II of my favorite songs of 2011.

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I’m still searching for the key I’ll never find, lost deep in my memory

OMG OMG OMG. Ayu and GACKT are following each other on twitter~!!  This is totally relevant to my interests!

I never thought GACKT would get a twitter, so possible tweets between Ayu and G seemed like a dream to me. And when GACKT finally did get a twitter it never even crossed my mind if they would follow each other (I knew they were friends, but I also felt like GACKT was only using twitter for SHOW YOUR HEART) and now it is a reality.

I only need them to perform together one more time (an original song would be nice), and then my life would be complete.

I really hope after GACKT is completely done with the SHOW YOUR HEART campaign that he’ll decide to keep using his twitter. It’s a great way to interact with fans, especially international ones (Ayu is proof of that).

Plus, he fails so hard at it lol It’s too cute.

Also, I am so envious at those two chicks who got a replies from him in English.

If you aren’t already, follow GACKT and Ayu on twitter lol.

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After many debates with myself, I have finally bought my cheap ass a new charger for my laptop. (Cost me over a 100 bucks D;) So expect posts on the regular now ^_^

Also, I’m moving to Houston in June~!!!! Ugh. I’m so excited.

but anyway, this post will have lots of Kpop and some Japanese music towards the end ~.

Onto it:

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IT’S LIKE DBSK ALL OVER AGAIN(…and other music stuff…)

For people who don’t know (though I’m postivie if you follow Kpop you know, or even just JPop you should know). That 4/5 (JiYoung, Hara, Nicole, and Seung-Yeon) of the group KARA have filed a lawsuit against their agency, DSP.  Only Gyuri decided to stay with DSP… (Apparently, she didn’t even know about the lawsuit…which is kinda o.O because she’s the “leader” of the group).


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