Here is part II of my favorite songs of 2011.

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OMG, had this as a draft since Tuesday and I’m just now finishing it up to post it. I’ve been busy getting ready to leave tomorrow D:

…and suffering from insomnia.

2AM – Love U, Hate U ft. Bulletproof Boy Scouts (Excited for their Japanese debut. They really don’t get enough love at all…which is mind boggling to me since they are actually talented. Hopefully JYP pushes them hard as a vocal group there.)


Sowelu – I want U to… ft WISE (Hmm…even after all this time since her last album (which I enjoyed), I still don’t know if I love this sexy/softcore porn image she’s going for or not…I do know I like this song though and the covers for her upcoming mini-album.)


Erica Hashimoto – I Know (Uhm…If you haven’t listened to this girl’s debut single yet, you have a problem and you need to go fix it by downloading it asap. I downloaded her single on a whim last week, but I do not regret it at all. Every song on that single is great. I wanted to do a separate post about her, but the PV to the A-side was just put on YouTube a few days ago. Gonna stay on the lookout for her.)


Kis-My-Ft2 – S.O.KISS (So…I didn’t know what to expect from this single. I of course heard snippets of Everybody Go quite a bit because I watch Ikemen Desu ne, but I didn’t know what the other songs were going to sound like at all. I was pleasantly surprised though. This is a great debut single. I’m going to order it, that’s how much I loved it. This song especially stood out to me.  Awesome beat. All I’m going to say is, if you love KAT-TUN’s music you’re going to love Kisumai’s.)


Fukuhara Miho – O2 ft. AI (I’ve had her album on my iPod since it was released a few months ago but I only just listened to it last week. I’d never listened to her before this, but wow that album is…flawless really. Please go find it. Download it. Give it a chance. It’s called, The Soul Extreme EP.)


Seo Taiji – F.M. Business (I really don’t know if anyone who became a Kpop fan after or around 2008 knows anything about Seo Taiji, other than he was in a group with the CEO of YG (Seo Taiji and the Boys), that the group made the song ‘Nan Arayo’ (great song btw) and he’s also given credit for bringing American hip-hop influence into the Korean music scene…If they even know all of that. I’m shocked I know it tbh. But what people need to know, is that he became a rock artist after the group broke up. If you like rock music you need to download all of his albums because they are amazing.)

Somebody, anybody, if you are watching Protect the Boss can you please tell me if it’s good or not? Is it as lulzy as it looks? I’ve been seeing freaking Protect the Boss gifs all over my dashboard on Tumblr and I think I really want to watch it now OMG JaeJoong!