Here is part II of my favorite songs of 2011.

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Christmas is literally a week away, so I thought what better post to do than a post about Christmas music?  As I’m sure people who read this blog know, I love Japanese music more than anything. The great thing about Japanese music is that they truly have music for every. single. season. Every one. Which I find fantastic, because I tend to listen to songs that I feel go with the season. Anyway, Here are some of my absolute favorite Japanese winter songs (like last SOTM post, to DL the song click on the title)


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Careless Breath

Since the last actual post, I have moved from Louisiana. Yes. I am finally in Texas and I am loving it. I’d forgotten just how much I missed living on my own and not with my parents.

I could do without all of the traffic though. I already hate driving and the traffic is making me hate it even more. I’m from a small city, so the traffic there isn’t anything like here. I’m also tired of seeing my roommate’s boyfriend at the apartment every day. He’s so fucking annoying. It would be fine if he just didn’t talk to me but he does and he knows I can’t stand him.

I don’t miss anything from home…other than my dogs that is.

But enough of that. Onto the post.

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So, The MTV Music Japan Aid aired last weekend. I watched the performances of course and was slightly disappointed. Though really not too much because majority of the people they had as performers aren’t that great at performing anyway. But I expected them to do better than they did.  Here my thoughts of (some of) the performances, along with the performances themsleves:

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So, I have an interview Thursday. Let’s hope I get the job.

Anyway onto the post.

(Happiness, 4minute, Rania, Jay Chou, the GazettE…)

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I wanted you to say, even if it was a lie, That I was definitely loved by you…

I honestly just felt like doing a post but like I said in the last one, with whats going on in Japan, there isn’t much entertainment news at the moment. So…here is just some songs that I’m liking right now.

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I NEED A BOYFRIEND. (with a semi-emotional JYJ edit at the end…)

So…before I get into the music. Let me do something I haven’t really done since my last blog.

Talk about my life.

So, a few posts ago I said -very briefly- that I was moving to Houston at the end of this summer. I really think it’s something that I need to do, because I cannot live here anymore. I live in a relatively small city and there is really nothing for people here who want to make something of themselves (unless you want to work at a plant…). When I told my parents, they didn’t take it too well, especially since my brother moved away just a few months ago. Usually I would have caved and just decided to stay to make them happy. But I can’t do that anymore, otherwise I’ll never really get out on my own and live my life (because even when I was living in that apartment last year with Thao and Dani, my parents still ruled my fucking life).

Also, I’m not going to school next semester. When the Fall semester begins, I’ll just be moving to Houston, and I want to get used to life there and work so that I have some money to be able to support myself (because I know that once I start school I won’t be getting any hours). Before you guys ask, I’m not moving alone. It’s going to be me and one of my cousins. We both have the same problems and want to fix it lol.

Also, I am so pissed that I don’t have a boyfriend to get me anything for Valentine’s Day like really. I mean, I can count on my dad to get me something but that’s not the same as a boyfriend getting you something, you know what I mean? I haven’t had a boyfriend in in like, over seven months D: I miss having one~.  Le sigh, I guess I’ll just be a depressed bitch for Valentine’s Day lol.

Anyway, Onto the post.  (Ayu, 4minute, Arashi, and EXILE~)

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