Part IV of my favorite songs of 2011.

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plenty-ボクのために歌う吟 (I found out about this band literally three days ago. But the frontman’s voice entrances me. It’s very…high. But not in an annoying way. Not at all. Like I said, it’s very entrancing.  He also has a very androgynous look…which just made me even more intrigued by him…anyway, I really recommend you give them a try.)


Jeong JiWoon (member of  2AM) – 걸어온다 (Wow wow wow. JYP. You are not playing around. 2PM’s album, Miss A’s album, and now this? Seriously, everything that JYP’s artists have been putting out lately have been shitting on everybody else in Kpop right now. Even if you don’t listen to Kpop, find this single and download it. )


Dir en Grey – VANITAS (Only listened to a few songs so far from their new album, but I am loving what I’m hearing.)


Angela Aki -心の戦士


Rainie Yang – 仰望 (I didn’t even know she was coming out with a new album! This song is so beautiful. Oh Rainie, I love you so much. I need to catch up on her drama actually…)


Teen Top – First Kiss (I don’t even like Teen Top, but I really love this song…and I don’t even know why. Maybe because it gives me old school RnB vibes?)


Chris Brown – Next 2 You ft. Justin Beiber (Don’t judge me. I have come to love this fucking song. I even went and bought Chris Brown’s album yesterday because of it. His album is really good btw…just sayin’)

Idk why people say EunHyuk is ugly…I mean yeah he looks like a monkey when he smiles but he is super cute imo. I think he’s one of the top three as far as looks in Suju.

Yes, I saw the teaser for Mr. Simple (wtf is that title anyway?), even though I could care less about SUJU’s comeback (Especially after I saw those teaser photos…) I must say I am liking the jazzy feel the song has to it ( definitely different from the norm in Kpop)…

Someone tweeted GACKT and told him that Heechul said he was his favorite (I’m guessing his favorite Japanese artist) and he was like “who? which one?” Lol oh G. If Heechul really did say that though…that just gives me even more reason to like him (even though I don’t like Suju, I do love me some Heechul.)


I get angry a lot during the day. I have an extremely short temper…usually when I’m angry and I happen to have my iPod around I, more often than not, listen to Dir en Grey. Believe it or not, their music calms me down quite a bit. I know people usually will listen to very tranquil music so that they can just chill the fuck out, but I need something hard and loud to get me to lower my temper back to bearable levels. I chose The Fatal Believer by Dir en Grey simply because when I’m angry, it’s usually the first song I listen to.


Urr…I don’t really have anything to talk about concerning my life so…I guess onto the post!

(gonna put all the posts under a cut now, because it’s slowing down my fucking laptop D:<)

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Ho Shit.

I am so excited for this right now!!

Need to go pre-order this ASAP. Do not care that that was only a 15 second preview.


That is all.

also,what is this shit about 4/5 of KARA leaving DSP??!!!

Goddess Gyuri why aren’t you leaving with them?!

Just when I was beginning to stan ya’ll D:

I wanted them to continue doing well in Japan. Now this shit happens. Hope they can still work together (As 5). Cause it will fucking suck if we get a DBSK situation again…