Yep. Two weeks late, but I did it. This blog is officially closed. Would say this has been fun… and sometimes it was, but this blog was a pain in the ass. Happy to be starting a new one :)

So check out the new blog, please!




10 things about your family

  1. I have eight siblings (seven brothers and one sister).
  2. With the exception of one, all of my siblings are at least 10 years older than me.
  3. My dad is 64. My mom is 59.
  4. My mom is a TV addict (We don’t exist when she’s watching television).
  5. My dad thinks he can fix anything wrong with the house. He just ends up making it worse.
  6. One of my brothers has neurofibromatosis.
  7. Five of my eight siblings are or have been married.
  8. I have a niece who is older than me.
  9. One of my brothers is a high school teacher.
  10. Two of my brothers served in the Navy.




There are two songs that I am obsessed with right now. One is Kyary’s new song, ‘Tsukema Tsukeru’ and the other, which I just heard a couple of days ago, is Orange Caramel’s ‘Funny Hunny’.

First Kyary.

”Tsukema Tsukeru’ is her first true single, because as far I know (correct me if I’m wrong), ‘PONPONPON’ was just a digital/promotional single for her mini-album and as such, is not counted as her actual first single.

Anyway, this song, much like ‘PONPONPON’, is very catchy and the PV is just as odd as her other PV. My only problem with this song is it almost feels like a Perfume reject song…I guess that’s understandable being that they use the same producer. Even still, I hope they have her get a more distinct sound, she already stands out by how she looks and by her PVs, but not everyone’s going to find out about her through her videos… Okay. I’m just rambling now lol.



And now Orange Caramel.

Orange Caramel. I love them. love love love. Kpop fans act like it’s wrong to like them because they’re “too cute” but so the fuck what? What’s wrong with some cuteness every now and then? I’d prefer natural cuteness over that try-hard sexiness that most of them are doing. If I’m being completely honest, I’d listen to Orange Caramel over After School any day.

The MV is a cartoon which I don’t like because I would rather a video with them actually in it, whatever. The song is super cute and all I keep singing in my head is – MY FUNNY HUNNY~~  Gawd this song is so cute.





Can’t believe I forgot to talk about Kuu! Well, I’m sure everyone knows already anyway…but just in case you don’t, Kuu is getting married to KENJI03 – vocalist of BACK-ON – and she is also eight weeks pregnant. Her upcoming album (which looks like it will be fucking amazing) JAPONESQUE, was scheduled for a late February release but has been pushed up to late January…obviously because she’s preggers.  She will be on hiatus after the release of her album until November 13th of next year.

I’m extremely happy for her, but gawd that’s almost an entire year of inactivity and Kuu pushes those singles and albums out like Ayu…I’m creying tbh. Who is gonna give me the sluttiness that Kuu can give? Will be a huge void in my fandom life next year.


FIVE leaked along with the PVs.

But I’m not about to talk about the PVs and everything. I’ll save it for the next post. This post is for what could possibly be one of the best – if not the best – songs Ayu has ever done.


This song is so epic. It is one of the most amazing songs I have ever heard in my entire life. Ever. I truly mean this.  It blew me away. If you don’t listen to this song you are missing out on something amazing.


I need this EP in my life ASAP. I can’t wait until I get my copy. I ordered it from YesAsia instead of CDJapan though so who knows when I’ll get it. FML.

Careless Breath

Since the last actual post, I have moved from Louisiana. Yes. I am finally in Texas and I am loving it. I’d forgotten just how much I missed living on my own and not with my parents.

I could do without all of the traffic though. I already hate driving and the traffic is making me hate it even more. I’m from a small city, so the traffic there isn’t anything like here. I’m also tired of seeing my roommate’s boyfriend at the apartment every day. He’s so fucking annoying. It would be fine if he just didn’t talk to me but he does and he knows I can’t stand him.

I don’t miss anything from home…other than my dogs that is.

But enough of that. Onto the post.

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So after much thought, I’ve decided to make a new twitter account. Here is the link: HERE if you want to follow me. I also put a link in the side bar. I will of course follow everyone back.

I haven’t tweeted anything yet, I’ll begin tweeting when I get a few followers…

Decided to use my other twitter account that I’ve been tweeting on for quite a few days. So here is that one: HERE if you want to follow me.

Like I said before, I’ll follow everyone who follows back.



Anyway, here is the post. It’s pretty straight to the point. Not much rambling. I’m just too tired and stressed, trying to get all of this shit together before I move.

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Shinhwa – Destiny of Love (That Shinhwa announcement got me excited, so I’ve been listening to a lot of Shinhwa…this song is actually one my favorite Kpop songs.)


KyaruPamyuPamyu – Jelly (Capsule cover. I just, I am so in love with this girl. I think I’m a Kyaru stan now…like just about everybody else. It’s weird, because I would see her in magazines all the time (I want to say KERA?) but never really paid much attention to her until now.)


KAT-TUN – Sweet Chain


T.M. Revolution – Fate and Faith (I am so so late on listening to CLOUD NINE. Why the hell did I wait so long? I love this album)


moumoon – Chu Chu


Sunny Hill -기도(The song is gorgeous and the PV is beautifully done. Don’t even get me started on the story. Whoever LOEN entertainment hired to do Narsha, Ga-in and Sunny Hill’s MVs as well as produce their music, they need to keep them. You know, it sucks that while Kpop fans always go on and on about how great Sunny Hill is, majority of them probably rarely listen to their songs.)


LAMA – Spell


THE NOVEMBERS – Misstopia (So…I thought I hit the jackpot with UNCHAIN. But no, I found the real treasure with this band. Their entire discography is amazing. I am not kidding.You need to find everything this band has released and download it as soon as possible.)

Yesterday my friend and I drove to Houston and moved furniture into our new apartment. How fun. Of course we didn’t do it alone. Her boyfriend, my brother, and a couple of our friends helped. Now all we have to do is bring our clothes and other shit that we don’t need a U-Haul for and we’ll be good to go…well, she will. My friend is the only one moving in tomorrow. I won’t be making the official move until next weekend…because I’m still working :/. That’s what I get for waiting so long to put in my two weeks notice. 

Well anyway, by this time next week I will no longer be a Louisianian. I’m gonna be a Texan!…Well, it’ll take a year for it to be legally true, but I’m still excited!

A random idea.

It’s 4:30 in the morning and I know I should be sleeping, but this idea just kept popping up in my mind.

So here it is.

I haven’t been on my Twitter account in over 6 months and I was thinking about deleting that one and just making another one, but then I thought, why not make one kind of revolved around this blog? I mean obviously I’ll talk about other things besides asian pop,because I’ll be using it as my main Twitter account, but I want to do it because i really would like to get to know the ppl who read my blog. And what better way than Twitter XD
(which means I’ll follow back.)

So what do you guys think? Yay or nay? If you guys think it’s a good idea, I’ll make one and then post the link to it here on the blog.

…no gif at the end bcos I’m on my phone D;