Seo in Young just released a promo single for her new mini-album and it is OMG so freaking amazing! Very reminiscent of KARA’s Step Up in that it’s not full of aegyo or faux “fierceness” and it’s not annoyingly repetitive, it’s just a great pop track. So, I feel I have to give this song it’s own post 1) because I absolutely love Seo In Young. Love her. South Korea’s Diva. and 2) It’s one of the few Kpop tracks that I actually can say I love this year.

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So much perfection in this post…I can’t.




Junsu had a cameo in the drama, Scent of a Woman and HNNGG he looked so gorgeous and his hair was just so perfect and he sounded so cute and gorgeous when he sang in Engrish and he spoke some Japanese and his smile was just so angelic and he performed some of INTOXICATION!! And I just Adj;sakjd’fja’fjksfjlf!!



Here it is:

And the song he sang for the drama:

I just love him so so so so much. Almost a year after I left the fandom and my love for him has not dwindled at all.

Forever my #1 bias. Seriously.


Went shopping today, and I bought this cream colored top. My boobs look a-mazing in it (TMI I know, but I was so excited when I realized it). The funny thing is, that’s the only article of clothing I bought when I went shopping. Everything else I bought from Sephora.

I need to stop wasting money on make-up. But I wear it all the time, so I run out of things quickly D:

ANYWAY, onto the post

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La La La La Lan for you~

PV for KAT-TUN’s [RUN FOR YOU] is finally out!

Me the entire time:

They all looked so gorgeous.


Jun-fucking-no. UNF. You bamf.

I just…I really can’t comprehend anything other than that.  I wish I could do a super long review like I did with 2NE1’s [UGLY], but it’s been too long since I’ve fangirled like this over a group. My brain is complete mush.

Ugh. They are so fabulous.


I just finished listening to the single, and all five songs are AMAZING. I especially love Cosmic Child.  I know some people don’t like listening to JE but give this single a try, please. 

Whenever they release that album, it’s going to be so good. I think I’ll end up liking it better than Queen of Pirates.

Okay, going to do a ‘Songs of the Moment’ post (might not actually post it until later) and then I am off to watch episode three of Ikemen Desu ne.


Back home in Louisiana. Glad to see my babies(my dogs), but I’m missing Florida already.

For people who live in the U.S., I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. I feel so bad because I did a post on the 4th and forgot to wish Jin and especially GACKT a happy birthday. 27 and 38….wow. (and Canadians too! Canada’s independence day was like a week before right?)

Bought a shit ton of stuff while I was there…I’m so broke right now. Gonna have to wait until next week to order Ayu’s mini-album.

This post ended up being a little longer than I wanted it to be, because I ended up rambling on the Namie section. Blegh. Sorry.

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OMG. I’ve been addicted to Tumblr for the past week. I usually only went on there every now and then, but for some reason, I’m just on there the entire time I’m on my laptop now.

Unfortunately, because I’ve been on it so much lately, it made me realize again just how… elitist a lot of Asian pop fans are. Really. It’s okay to like Asian music, but don’t act like it’s better than Western pop because it’s not talking about “drugs, getting wasted, and sex”. Get the fuck off ya’ll high horses for real (One of the biggest pet peeves I have about Asian pop fans.)


Anyway, as for this post, there honestly isn’t anything that I really want to talk about…Really.

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I’m just getting back home. I was in Houston this entire weekend. Doing what?

Clubbin’ of course…and looking for an apartment lol.

I was also away from a computer all weekend. Which meant no internetz. I didn’t even check on my phone.

Now when I get back on, I go check the pop culture news and…I was so pissed that I stayed away from the internet because epic shit happened (ala ARASHI) and I was also kind of glad I stayed away, because of the petty arguments that went on among fans (…wtf was that Kame fan – Jin fan argument? and the Ayu fan – 2PM fan argument that went on in Arama? What was that shit?? Not to mention the fuckery that was going on in the GACKT fandom about GacktJob).

But either way, This post won’t be super long, there wasn’t much I felt like talking about.

So onto the post.

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I am dying my hair as well as cutting it next week. I’ve had my hair blonde since last summer (Thank you JJ for the inspiration.) but now I want to go back dark, I miss it. Plus, it’s fucking expensive maintaining this shit.

As for cutting it…I still don’t know if I’m really going to cut as short as I want to but we’ll see.

Ugh. and my nephews and nieces are coming to town next week to stay for the entire summer…not looking forward to this at all.

Onto the post.

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