SOTM #11

Tbh, i know it’s only the beginning of the year, but I haven’t been really feeling the songs that have been released so far lol.  But that’s fine, it tends to happen from time to time. So, that usually means that I go and listen to older music.

Anyway, the post.

(Also changed my icon to the glorious KimuTaku. )

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Christmas is literally a week away, so I thought what better post to do than a post about Christmas music?  As I’m sure people who read this blog know, I love Japanese music more than anything. The great thing about Japanese music is that they truly have music for every. single. season. Every one. Which I find fantastic, because I tend to listen to songs that I feel go with the season. Anyway, Here are some of my absolute favorite Japanese winter songs (like last SOTM post, to DL the song click on the title)


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SOTM #10

Was planning on doing like three posts within the last week and a half but 1) work and 2) I’ve been really lazy. So please forgive me and read about/listen to these songs that I love at the moment.

Also before we get to the songs, I’ve decided that I’ll post links to download the songs that I list on my SOTM posts because I figure, if it were me and I’d heard a song on a blog that I really liked that I would want them to post a link so I could put said song on my iPod. So that’s what I’m going to do from now on.

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Seo in Young just released a promo single for her new mini-album and it is OMG so freaking amazing! Very reminiscent of KARA’s Step Up in that it’s not full of aegyo or faux “fierceness” and it’s not annoyingly repetitive, it’s just a great pop track. So, I feel I have to give this song it’s own post 1) because I absolutely love Seo In Young. Love her. South Korea’s Diva. and 2) It’s one of the few Kpop tracks that I actually can say I love this year.

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Masaki Yuka – Change Myself (Excited for her debut album next month! I say this every time I post one her songs, but you guys need to listen to her. Great J-urban artist.)

Nine Muses – Figaro (Never listened to Nine Muses before this, but I think this is a nice song. Someone inform me, is retro the new trend in Kpop now? This is like my third or fourth time seeing this concept.)

SPEED – PRIDE Ft. 大神: OHGA (I’ve been slacking on the working out for the last week lol but when I did  work out I played this song a lot. It’s perfect for it.)

Zion – Superman (I’m kind of head over heels in love with this  song lol. I just heard it for the first time a couple of hours ago, but I think it’s gorgeous and a bit refreshing tbh. It has the usual characteristics of Korean ballads..but idk, I still get different feelings from it. Not to mention Zion’s voice is beautiful.)

w-inds. – You & I (This single is so good I can’t even. Every single song is amazing. I’m fake bawling at the computer screen right now typing this. Just the thought of those songs…/sigh)

Koyote – 이제와 싫다면 (I don’t really watch K-dramas anymore, but I swear as soon as I heard this song it reminded me of the music that plays at the end of a really dramatic episode of a Korean melodrama lol it’s why I love it so much.)

hebe – My Love (I know Cpop – for some odd reason – is pretty obscure compared to Jpop and Kpop but I think people are missing out on some good music. So, I’ve told myself from now on, when I do a ‘SOTM’ post, I’m going to post at least one Cpop video.)

KyaruPamyuPamyu – ピンポンがなんない (I wish I could say that her EP was amazing, but tbh it was a little underwhelming. I mean don’t get me wrong all the songs are catchy and I liked them, but overall it was average.)

AKB48 -飛べないアゲハチョウ(This song came on while I was driving today and for some reason it got stuck in my head. It’s never been an AKB song that I cared for, but for some reason I’m really loving it right now.)

Kanjani8 – I to U (Another group whose latest single is just too good. This is the second SOTM post in a row that I’ve posted a song from their new single lol. But it’s just really good. This has become my favorite song from the single…actually no. It’s become  my favorite Kanjani song period. No words to describe how much I love it.  /bawling in front of the computer again.)


Rain – Busan Girl (Thank you Rain, you marvelous man. Thank you for finally releasing something! The song is great and soooo Rain, I can not even deal. I missed him. I swear to you guys, he is the best performer in Kpop. All those other idols are a joke compared to him…with the exception of Lee Jung Hyun, TV5XQ, Se7en, and Big Bang…and a couple of others. They are all great performers too but they still can’t compare to Rain on stage. I swear, I am going to be bawling for like two days when he leaves for military service (which is said to be around the end of the year.) 

AK-69 – P.O.R.S.C.H.E. MUSIC (It’s no secret that I have a serious love for AK-69. He’s an awesome rapper and he makes great music. It just sucks that most J-urban fans don’t listen to him…because they’re to0 busy being stuck up VERBAL’s ass.)

Kanjani8 – ツブサニコイ (I’ll admit that while I love Ryo, I’m not the biggest fan of K8, it’s not that I think their music is bad (it’s not. It’s great actually…very TOKIO/Kinki style) but it’s just that I’ve never been able to get obsessed with them like I have with KAT-TUN or Arashi. I think maybe I should try though, because this song is great, the entire single is.)

Red Hot Chili Peppers – The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie (Two weeks until the new album~!!! I can’t wait. )

Seo in Guk – Shake it Up

Secret – My Boy (God, Madonna was so horrid in Japanese. The only good thing about that single, was that it made me really like this song.)

Matsushita Yuya – Super Drive (I downloaded an HQ version of the PV and OMG he looks so gorgeous…giving me those Se7en vibes. He actually always reminds me a lot of Se7en…in all areas. I would LOVE for them to collab one day. I’d probably die though lol.)

Elizabeth – PPAPPA PIEROTT (This is the cheapest video I have seen in awhile. And that’s saying a lot, since I watch VK PVs on a semi-regular basis…but the song is hella catchy and these girls have amazing voices…They should have had them release a ballad instead)


Ugh. Started watching Zenkai Girl and God Ryo is too fucking precious! I love him so much, I could stare at him for days I swear. But besides the great eye candy, the drama itself is also really good, Hinata is a diva! …It’s kind of taken over Ikemen Desu ne as the “Drama I’m addicted to atm”. 

Will try to have an actual post out some time tomorrow.


OMG, had this as a draft since Tuesday and I’m just now finishing it up to post it. I’ve been busy getting ready to leave tomorrow D:

…and suffering from insomnia.

2AM – Love U, Hate U ft. Bulletproof Boy Scouts (Excited for their Japanese debut. They really don’t get enough love at all…which is mind boggling to me since they are actually talented. Hopefully JYP pushes them hard as a vocal group there.)


Sowelu – I want U to… ft WISE (Hmm…even after all this time since her last album (which I enjoyed), I still don’t know if I love this sexy/softcore porn image she’s going for or not…I do know I like this song though and the covers for her upcoming mini-album.)


Erica Hashimoto – I Know (Uhm…If you haven’t listened to this girl’s debut single yet, you have a problem and you need to go fix it by downloading it asap. I downloaded her single on a whim last week, but I do not regret it at all. Every song on that single is great. I wanted to do a separate post about her, but the PV to the A-side was just put on YouTube a few days ago. Gonna stay on the lookout for her.)


Kis-My-Ft2 – S.O.KISS (So…I didn’t know what to expect from this single. I of course heard snippets of Everybody Go quite a bit because I watch Ikemen Desu ne, but I didn’t know what the other songs were going to sound like at all. I was pleasantly surprised though. This is a great debut single. I’m going to order it, that’s how much I loved it. This song especially stood out to me.  Awesome beat. All I’m going to say is, if you love KAT-TUN’s music you’re going to love Kisumai’s.)


Fukuhara Miho – O2 ft. AI (I’ve had her album on my iPod since it was released a few months ago but I only just listened to it last week. I’d never listened to her before this, but wow that album is…flawless really. Please go find it. Download it. Give it a chance. It’s called, The Soul Extreme EP.)


Seo Taiji – F.M. Business (I really don’t know if anyone who became a Kpop fan after or around 2008 knows anything about Seo Taiji, other than he was in a group with the CEO of YG (Seo Taiji and the Boys), that the group made the song ‘Nan Arayo’ (great song btw) and he’s also given credit for bringing American hip-hop influence into the Korean music scene…If they even know all of that. I’m shocked I know it tbh. But what people need to know, is that he became a rock artist after the group broke up. If you like rock music you need to download all of his albums because they are amazing.)

Somebody, anybody, if you are watching Protect the Boss can you please tell me if it’s good or not? Is it as lulzy as it looks? I’ve been seeing freaking Protect the Boss gifs all over my dashboard on Tumblr and I think I really want to watch it now OMG JaeJoong!


Shinhwa – Destiny of Love (That Shinhwa announcement got me excited, so I’ve been listening to a lot of Shinhwa…this song is actually one my favorite Kpop songs.)


KyaruPamyuPamyu – Jelly (Capsule cover. I just, I am so in love with this girl. I think I’m a Kyaru stan now…like just about everybody else. It’s weird, because I would see her in magazines all the time (I want to say KERA?) but never really paid much attention to her until now.)


KAT-TUN – Sweet Chain


T.M. Revolution – Fate and Faith (I am so so late on listening to CLOUD NINE. Why the hell did I wait so long? I love this album)


moumoon – Chu Chu


Sunny Hill -기도(The song is gorgeous and the PV is beautifully done. Don’t even get me started on the story. Whoever LOEN entertainment hired to do Narsha, Ga-in and Sunny Hill’s MVs as well as produce their music, they need to keep them. You know, it sucks that while Kpop fans always go on and on about how great Sunny Hill is, majority of them probably rarely listen to their songs.)


LAMA – Spell


THE NOVEMBERS – Misstopia (So…I thought I hit the jackpot with UNCHAIN. But no, I found the real treasure with this band. Their entire discography is amazing. I am not kidding.You need to find everything this band has released and download it as soon as possible.)

Yesterday my friend and I drove to Houston and moved furniture into our new apartment. How fun. Of course we didn’t do it alone. Her boyfriend, my brother, and a couple of our friends helped. Now all we have to do is bring our clothes and other shit that we don’t need a U-Haul for and we’ll be good to go…well, she will. My friend is the only one moving in tomorrow. I won’t be making the official move until next weekend…because I’m still working :/. That’s what I get for waiting so long to put in my two weeks notice. 

Well anyway, by this time next week I will no longer be a Louisianian. I’m gonna be a Texan!…Well, it’ll take a year for it to be legally true, but I’m still excited!


plenty-ボクのために歌う吟 (I found out about this band literally three days ago. But the frontman’s voice entrances me. It’s very…high. But not in an annoying way. Not at all. Like I said, it’s very entrancing.  He also has a very androgynous look…which just made me even more intrigued by him…anyway, I really recommend you give them a try.)


Jeong JiWoon (member of  2AM) – 걸어온다 (Wow wow wow. JYP. You are not playing around. 2PM’s album, Miss A’s album, and now this? Seriously, everything that JYP’s artists have been putting out lately have been shitting on everybody else in Kpop right now. Even if you don’t listen to Kpop, find this single and download it. )


Dir en Grey – VANITAS (Only listened to a few songs so far from their new album, but I am loving what I’m hearing.)


Angela Aki -心の戦士


Rainie Yang – 仰望 (I didn’t even know she was coming out with a new album! This song is so beautiful. Oh Rainie, I love you so much. I need to catch up on her drama actually…)


Teen Top – First Kiss (I don’t even like Teen Top, but I really love this song…and I don’t even know why. Maybe because it gives me old school RnB vibes?)


Chris Brown – Next 2 You ft. Justin Beiber (Don’t judge me. I have come to love this fucking song. I even went and bought Chris Brown’s album yesterday because of it. His album is really good btw…just sayin’)

Idk why people say EunHyuk is ugly…I mean yeah he looks like a monkey when he smiles but he is super cute imo. I think he’s one of the top three as far as looks in Suju.

Yes, I saw the teaser for Mr. Simple (wtf is that title anyway?), even though I could care less about SUJU’s comeback (Especially after I saw those teaser photos…) I must say I am liking the jazzy feel the song has to it ( definitely different from the norm in Kpop)…

Someone tweeted GACKT and told him that Heechul said he was his favorite (I’m guessing his favorite Japanese artist) and he was like “who? which one?” Lol oh G. If Heechul really did say that though…that just gives me even more reason to like him (even though I don’t like Suju, I do love me some Heechul.)