Went shopping today, and I bought this cream colored top. My boobs look a-mazing in it (TMI I know, but I was so excited when I realized it). The funny thing is, that’s the only article of clothing I bought when I went shopping. Everything else I bought from Sephora.

I need to stop wasting money on make-up. But I wear it all the time, so I run out of things quickly D:

ANYWAY, onto the post

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Back home in Louisiana. Glad to see my babies(my dogs), but I’m missing Florida already.

For people who live in the U.S., I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. I feel so bad because I did a post on the 4th and forgot to wish Jin and especially GACKT a happy birthday. 27 and 38….wow. (and Canadians too! Canada’s independence day was like a week before right?)

Bought a shit ton of stuff while I was there…I’m so broke right now. Gonna have to wait until next week to order Ayu’s mini-album.

This post ended up being a little longer than I wanted it to be, because I ended up rambling on the Namie section. Blegh. Sorry.

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This is totally random but, I was a huge bandwagon bitch.

Yes. Yes I was.

I got into Japanese music when I was 13 and I said all that usual weeaboo/Koreaboo shit about how American music sucks and all they talk about is this, this, and that and Japanese music was the best thing in the entire world. I said it mainly because, where I was going for news and music, people were saying similar things, so I jumped onto what they were saying.

I stopped that shit quick once my brother (who got me into Japanese music btw) told me about myself lol

…And I am ashamed to admit this, but I also hated Ayu (yes, you read that right) because I was a Namie and Utada fan first and we all know their fans hate Ayu and I jumped on that bandwagon of hating her…but I saw the light. THANK GOD. Forgive me Goddess Ayu.

Why did I say all of this?

Because I see it with Asian pop fans all of the time, a lot more than usual.

It makes me wonder if they’ll ever grow out of that (hating every other country’s music if it isn’t Jpop, Kpop, Cpop etc etc) like I did, or if they’ll just keep thinking that way? I know everytime I think about my weeaboo stage, I cringe.

Anyway, it’s 6:20 in the morning and I haven’t been to bed yet, so let me get this post out really quick

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OMG. I’ve been addicted to Tumblr for the past week. I usually only went on there every now and then, but for some reason, I’m just on there the entire time I’m on my laptop now.

Unfortunately, because I’ve been on it so much lately, it made me realize again just how… elitist a lot of Asian pop fans are. Really. It’s okay to like Asian music, but don’t act like it’s better than Western pop because it’s not talking about “drugs, getting wasted, and sex”. Get the fuck off ya’ll high horses for real (One of the biggest pet peeves I have about Asian pop fans.)


Anyway, as for this post, there honestly isn’t anything that I really want to talk about…Really.

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So, I have an interview Thursday. Let’s hope I get the job.

Anyway onto the post.

(Happiness, 4minute, Rania, Jay Chou, the GazettE…)

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The best part about being alone is that you really don’t have to answer to anybody. You do what you want.

After a long time, I finally have things I want to blog about~. There’s not much JPOP going on in this post…mostly KPOP, but that’s okay? Right?

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I don’t care about number one, just being the only one.

There’s tons I want to blabber about that has to do with my personal life, but I’ll hold off until next post.

So onto it.

Lots to talk about it lol

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One of my dogs was hit by a car last night and died.  My heart is broken right now. For anyone whose ever had a pet to die suddenly like that, you know how I’m feeling at the moment.

I cried all last night.

Sometimes I wish I wouldn’t get so attached to these animals…but I really don’t even think it would matter. I love animals. Even if it was a random dog I didn’t know, I still probably would have cried.

Anyway, I don’t want to depress you any further…so onto the post.

With the exception of my usual “songs of the moment”, this post will only have one main topic. And that is BIGBANG.

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