10 things about your appearance, (clothes, face, hair, height, smile, piercing’s, tattoo’s).

      1. I’m a shorty. I’m 5 feet even.
      2. I tend to buy a multitude of different clothing styles, but majority of the time, all I wear is skinny jeans, chucks(or nikes), and a tee…maybe a nice jacket if it’s cold out
      3. I have 9 piercings. 3 earlobe piercing on each side, 1 cartilage piercing on my left ear, I have my lip pierced (don’t really wear my ring anymore though), and my belly button pierced.
      4. I have one tattoo. Peonies on the lower left of my back.
      5. I have extremely thick curly hair, but I rarely ever wear it curly.
      6. I think I have small teeth. When I smile too hard my gums show. I call them “chucky teeth”.
      7. My face is almost always made up. Seriously. Even if I’m not going anywhere, my face is usually fully made (Contact lenses, false lashes, blush, lipgloss/stick etc etc. The works)
      8. I have a burn mark on the inside of my arm (next to my elbow) from a flat iron.
      9. I’m really pale. I actually have a vein under my left eye that is so noticeable people always think I have a black eye -_- . Make-up barely covers it.
      10. I’m a black chick.  And proud of it.



All gifs at the end of posts for this challenge will be of GACKT.



Posts may begin being few and far between.

Work is taking up majority of my time now, and when I do have free time I don’t want to spend it blogging (people who read this blog who blogs themselves, know how long a post can take to churn out) and it won’t be getting any better come new years’ because then I’ll be attending school again with work on top of that.

Not only that, Not to say I don’t still like it, but I just have no desire to give my opinion on Jpop and Kpop at the moment. I’m kind of over both fandoms right now.

I might do a really random post here and there, but no more two or three posts a week thing. I’m just not for it.

So until the next post….whenever that may be.


…Well, I just want to say that I won’t be doing any actual posts for about two weeks to a month.

My dad had a stroke Friday, and while it was only minor, it scared the shit out of me.

Anyway, my dad just got home from the hospital and he’s still a little weak and can’t walk very well so now, along with me still working, I also have to take care of my nieces and nephews who are here for the summer as well as taking care of my dad until his strength is back up…I’ll be a little busy as you can see.

I’m still going to do the music challenge (even though I’ve really been slacking off…Sorry about that.) and maybe I’ll do a ‘Songs of the Moment’ post, but as far as actual posts with me fapping, ranting, and rambling? Yeah, unless it’s something major (imo) I won’t be doing those for a few weeks. Just not in the mood for them right now.

So…yeah lol just wanted to let everyone know what’s going on with me.