So… I felt like doing a post lol. Being that there wasn’t too much I felt like rattling on about (Mainly because I’m not paying too much attention to Asian pop news at the moment) but I have been downloading and listening to a ton of songs as usual, and figured I might as well do a post about the ones I’m obsessed with right now…not that I can listen to it since iTunes deleted every damn song from my iPod last night. Over 19,000 songs. Gone. I only have about 20% saved on a hard drive. I’m still pissed off.

Anyway, here it is.

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Choosey Lover  by Tohoshinki

Yes, you read that right. I could have chosen Can You Celebrate by Namie that just about every Jpop fan thinks is the absolute be all to end all wedding songs. But no.

I actually don’t plan on getting married…ever, but if I were, I would love to play this song at my reception. It has a really great old school RnB vibe that everyone in my family loves (Interesting tidbit: when I first fell in love with this song I let my sister listen to it and she thought it was sampled after a song by some RnB group. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but she sang the American song and it did have a very similar melody…and some of the same words, so she might be right).

I just know we all would have a good time dancing to this song .



So much perfection in this post…I can’t.




Junsu had a cameo in the drama, Scent of a Woman and HNNGG he looked so gorgeous and his hair was just so perfect and he sounded so cute and gorgeous when he sang in Engrish and he spoke some Japanese and his smile was just so angelic and he performed some of INTOXICATION!! And I just Adj;sakjd’fja’fjksfjlf!!



Here it is:

And the song he sang for the drama:

I just love him so so so so much. Almost a year after I left the fandom and my love for him has not dwindled at all.

Forever my #1 bias. Seriously.


Went shopping today, and I bought this cream colored top. My boobs look a-mazing in it (TMI I know, but I was so excited when I realized it). The funny thing is, that’s the only article of clothing I bought when I went shopping. Everything else I bought from Sephora.

I need to stop wasting money on make-up. But I wear it all the time, so I run out of things quickly D:

ANYWAY, onto the post

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Once again, no contest.  This is probably one of the few songs that just from hearing the beginning notes, can make my mood better in an instant. The Chunglish, Yoochun’s voice full of grease, the beat, and the best part of it all…the rap.


My GirlFriend by Micky Yoochun


Someone just text me and asked if I knew that Homin were releasing a new Japanese album.

So I went check, and holy shit.


At first I was like:

and now I’m just like:

The memories man. The TH5K memories.

Damn you tumblr. For making me all nostalgic and shit.

…Guess I better go figure out when I can pre-order it…


Problems, problems and more problems.

So I remember talking about how I was moving to Houston a couple of posts back…

Well, my cousin backed out of the deal. She isn’t moving with me anymore because she wants to wait another year before she moves.

I’m not staying in this shitty place, waiting for her.

So, I ended up talking to my step-sister last week (she’s not really my step- sister…she’s my sister’s step-sister but I consider her my sister because we grew up together….yeah, it’s a long story.), and she was telling me how she was trying to get out of this hellhole too. So I told her my problem and she offered to move there with me.

So that problem was solved.

Now, two weeks ago, I stopped working at Starbucks (Some stuff went down and I just couldn’t deal with the drama anymore). So now I’m with out a job.

I need a job soon because I plan on moving around late August, early July (changed my mind about going in June…too soon).  Otherwise I won’t be moving anywhere.

I have two savings accounts. One of them is for the money I got when I was 18 from my parents for college . The other is the account that I’ve been putting half of my checks into for the past 7 months specifically for this move. I refuse to take money out of my “college” account to move, because that wasn’t what it was made for (And I’d be really pissed at myself if I end up needing that money later on) and I know the longer I don’t have a job the more money that is going to be coming out of that second savings account (I have to pay for gas and my car note and insurance, I help my parents with the bills since I live here and of course I shop…which I really need to stop doing.)

Shit is stressing me out.

Not only that but me and Thao (if anyone still reads who used to follow LADY DYNAMITE…you know who I’m talking about) are not talking anymore. Betrayals happened (on both sides) arguments were had and we just…aren’t talking anymore. This is depressing me more than anything else because she’s my best friend (or was) and I’m kinda lost without her in my life right now. At the same time, I know this is just apart of life and you lose friends and gain friends all of the time. Hopefully we’ll be on at least speaking terms soon.

Random, but my birthday is in 15 days.

I hope I have a really good 20th.

Anyway, enough about my troubles.

Onto the post.

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I, uh, hate stupid people . . . but I love really stupid people. I don’t like averagely wise people either, but I do like the really wise.

It’s a quarter to three right now…I am so tired. But I wanted to get this post out.

So onto it (Sorry, if it seems rushed. I might go back and fix it up later)

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I NEED A BOYFRIEND. (with a semi-emotional JYJ edit at the end…)

So…before I get into the music. Let me do something I haven’t really done since my last blog.

Talk about my life.

So, a few posts ago I said -very briefly- that I was moving to Houston at the end of this summer. I really think it’s something that I need to do, because I cannot live here anymore. I live in a relatively small city and there is really nothing for people here who want to make something of themselves (unless you want to work at a plant…). When I told my parents, they didn’t take it too well, especially since my brother moved away just a few months ago. Usually I would have caved and just decided to stay to make them happy. But I can’t do that anymore, otherwise I’ll never really get out on my own and live my life (because even when I was living in that apartment last year with Thao and Dani, my parents still ruled my fucking life).

Also, I’m not going to school next semester. When the Fall semester begins, I’ll just be moving to Houston, and I want to get used to life there and work so that I have some money to be able to support myself (because I know that once I start school I won’t be getting any hours). Before you guys ask, I’m not moving alone. It’s going to be me and one of my cousins. We both have the same problems and want to fix it lol.

Also, I am so pissed that I don’t have a boyfriend to get me anything for Valentine’s Day like really. I mean, I can count on my dad to get me something but that’s not the same as a boyfriend getting you something, you know what I mean? I haven’t had a boyfriend in in like, over seven months D: I miss having one~.  Le sigh, I guess I’ll just be a depressed bitch for Valentine’s Day lol.

Anyway, Onto the post.  (Ayu, 4minute, Arashi, and EXILE~)

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