So… I felt like doing a post lol. Being that there wasn’t too much I felt like rattling on about (Mainly because I’m not paying too much attention to Asian pop news at the moment) but I have been downloading and listening to a ton of songs as usual, and figured I might as well do a post about the ones I’m obsessed with right now…not that I can listen to it since iTunes deleted every damn song from my iPod last night. Over 19,000 songs. Gone. I only have about 20% saved on a hard drive. I’m still pissed off.

Anyway, here it is.

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I’m so bored right now, so I decided to do a post on Ayu and JUNO’s song, Why…



First let me just say, when a small preview of the song was featured in a CM, I had said that Juno sounded extremely off-key…and I want to take that back. Juno actually didn’t sound half bad, but his voice was really weak/strained to me during the verses or maybe he was just  trying to make his voice sound soft? Either way, it didn’t translate well in the song imo. Especially when you put him next to Ayu, who can project her voice really well no matter what range she sings in. She really ended up overpowering him in this song, which I wasn’t expecting.

The chorus though… like I said before, is a hot mess. I just don’t think their voices mesh well together. I will say though, that after listening to it a few times you get used to how they sound together. I put more blame on Ayu though. Girl does not change her voice at all to complement anyone else lol She just sings how she wants to. I’ve realized that, listening to the few songs she sings with other artists. Either it works or it doesn’t. That “harmonizing” at 3:04 is a great example of that. It was horrible.

Now as for the song itself, I actually really like it, shockingly enough. I’m shocked because I wasn’t expecting to like it at all. The melody is different from the usual mid-tempo ballad Ayu usually does and it really gives me a 90’s Jpop ballad feel for some reason.

Out of the three songs we’ve heard so far, this is the order I would rank them.

3 –  Beloved

2 – Why…

1 – Progress (This song has really grown on me.)

They aren’t scanned but here are a few pics of the PVs that she recently showed on her deji deji diary in ViVi.


ANother Song ft. Urata Naoya


…But when are the PVs going to start airing? I really want to see them. Oddly, enough the pv I’m most excited to see is the PV for Progress.






Choosey Lover  by Tohoshinki

Yes, you read that right. I could have chosen Can You Celebrate by Namie that just about every Jpop fan thinks is the absolute be all to end all wedding songs. But no.

I actually don’t plan on getting married…ever, but if I were, I would love to play this song at my reception. It has a really great old school RnB vibe that everyone in my family loves (Interesting tidbit: when I first fell in love with this song I let my sister listen to it and she thought it was sampled after a song by some RnB group. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but she sang the American song and it did have a very similar melody…and some of the same words, so she might be right).

I just know we all would have a good time dancing to this song .



So much perfection in this post…I can’t.




Junsu had a cameo in the drama, Scent of a Woman and HNNGG he looked so gorgeous and his hair was just so perfect and he sounded so cute and gorgeous when he sang in Engrish and he spoke some Japanese and his smile was just so angelic and he performed some of INTOXICATION!! And I just Adj;sakjd’fja’fjksfjlf!!



Here it is:

And the song he sang for the drama:

I just love him so so so so much. Almost a year after I left the fandom and my love for him has not dwindled at all.

Forever my #1 bias. Seriously.


Went shopping today, and I bought this cream colored top. My boobs look a-mazing in it (TMI I know, but I was so excited when I realized it). The funny thing is, that’s the only article of clothing I bought when I went shopping. Everything else I bought from Sephora.

I need to stop wasting money on make-up. But I wear it all the time, so I run out of things quickly D:

ANYWAY, onto the post

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Someone just text me and asked if I knew that Homin were releasing a new Japanese album.

So I went check, and holy shit.


At first I was like:

and now I’m just like:

The memories man. The TH5K memories.

Damn you tumblr. For making me all nostalgic and shit.

…Guess I better go figure out when I can pre-order it…


Wow, how long has it been since I did a legit post?

So, what’s been going on with me? Besides the whole situation with my dad, next week I’ll be making that big move to Houston!

Excited but sad…and a bit anxious.  Also, since the last time I’ve did a full post, I’ve gotten my priorities straight and really decided to change some things that I realized I didn’t like (to myself, the people in my life, my situation, my “internet life” etc).  It was time.

Anyway, enough of that.

Only two topics. Going through all of the news and shizz there wasn’t much I was really interested in talking about.

Onto the post.

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Ayu is coming out with a mini-album on August 31st.

…a mini-album.

…a mini album called FIVE. With five songs on it.

She will shoot a PV for every song.

But wait it gets better(?). She is going to have two collaborations on this EP. One featuring Naoya Urata again and a song featuring JUNO.

Yes. You read that right. Junsu’s brother.

I was wondering what the hell was going on when she starting replying to every single one of his tweets and then when she was posting pics of the both of them together in the studio and when started calling him her “other lil bro” and now her “dongseng”.

This shit is just weird. I always wanted Junsu X Ayu interaction and instead I get this shit. Ayu ft. JUNO…I’m so pressed right now.

I see you Avex, pimping out your big artists to these Korean idols. First After School with Namie and now JUNO with Ayu?! Not to mention that they’ve pushed back JUNO’s debut single from 8/03 to 8/31  i.e. the same day Ayu’s mini-album is released. Let’s not forget they did the same thing for Naoya’s single and Ayu’s album. Coincidence? I think not.

Yeah, I see you Avex.

Anyway, I’m semi-excited for this release.

I’m glad she’s releasing something, but I don’t really care for the collabs. It’s not that I’m against them or anything, it’s just that she rarely does them so when she actually does decide to do a collab it’s just odd as hell to me.  I’m sure I’ll like them though. I can’t not like anything that has to do with Ayu.

I’m buying the CD+DVD version of course. I’m going to pre-order it when I get home.


・Why… feat. JUNO
・progress (●PS3「Tales of Xillia」Theme song)
・ANother song feat. URATA NAOYA

I already know this won’t be half as good as Memorial Address (that mini-album is perfection)…still, I’m excited.


This is totally random but, I was a huge bandwagon bitch.

Yes. Yes I was.

I got into Japanese music when I was 13 and I said all that usual weeaboo/Koreaboo shit about how American music sucks and all they talk about is this, this, and that and Japanese music was the best thing in the entire world. I said it mainly because, where I was going for news and music, people were saying similar things, so I jumped onto what they were saying.

I stopped that shit quick once my brother (who got me into Japanese music btw) told me about myself lol

…And I am ashamed to admit this, but I also hated Ayu (yes, you read that right) because I was a Namie and Utada fan first and we all know their fans hate Ayu and I jumped on that bandwagon of hating her…but I saw the light. THANK GOD. Forgive me Goddess Ayu.

Why did I say all of this?

Because I see it with Asian pop fans all of the time, a lot more than usual.

It makes me wonder if they’ll ever grow out of that (hating every other country’s music if it isn’t Jpop, Kpop, Cpop etc etc) like I did, or if they’ll just keep thinking that way? I know everytime I think about my weeaboo stage, I cringe.

Anyway, it’s 6:20 in the morning and I haven’t been to bed yet, so let me get this post out really quick

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