This post is exactly what the title says.  Part 1/6 of what I feel are my favorite songs of 2011. (I couldn’t choose just a few.)

I’ve honestly always wanted to do this but was always too lazy lol but this time I was determined to make it happen. Like I said, there are 6 parts and I’ll have them all posted by the first of the new year. All together there are about 50 songs, I think?

I picked these song based on how many times I’ve listened to them and how I personally feel towards them. This has absolutely nothing to do with quality (well…not completely anyway), because some songs I chose over others that were probably “better”.

To put it simply, these are songs that were released this year that I really enjoyed. That’s that.  So on to it.

(I may go back and leave DL links to the songs…I’m not sure yet.)

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SOTM #10

Was planning on doing like three posts within the last week and a half but 1) work and 2) I’ve been really lazy. So please forgive me and read about/listen to these songs that I love at the moment.

Also before we get to the songs, I’ve decided that I’ll post links to download the songs that I list on my SOTM posts because I figure, if it were me and I’d heard a song on a blog that I really liked that I would want them to post a link so I could put said song on my iPod. So that’s what I’m going to do from now on.

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So… I felt like doing a post lol. Being that there wasn’t too much I felt like rattling on about (Mainly because I’m not paying too much attention to Asian pop news at the moment) but I have been downloading and listening to a ton of songs as usual, and figured I might as well do a post about the ones I’m obsessed with right now…not that I can listen to it since iTunes deleted every damn song from my iPod last night. Over 19,000 songs. Gone. I only have about 20% saved on a hard drive. I’m still pissed off.

Anyway, here it is.

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nobodyknows+ – Kokoro Odoru

This song introduced me to this amazing group but tbh, I don’t even remember how I came across it…I think I was just randomly listening to Jpop songs on Youtube and by luck came across this gem.

I was somewhat obsessed with this song. To the point where as soon as it came to mind, I had to stop what I was doing to go and listen to it.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that I “hate” it now, or even strongly dislike it; it just got to the point where I played it out and now I can barely stomach to listen to it anymore.

Have to use a Naruto Shippudden gif. Simply because so far, nobodyknows+ had the best opening for this anime.

…And AKFG gets that award for the original series of course.


Walk by Koda Kumi

Every time I listen to this song I think about my graduation. This is so embarrassing to talk about, but the day of my graduation everyone was getting ready at the house (my parent, siblings etc) and I was totally cool with everything, I was just chillin’ listening to my iPod…then this song came on and I just started SOBBING. I had to go lock myself in the bathroom so I could cry in peace (of course everyone could tell since my eyes were all red and puffy and I didn’t hear the end of it). That song really spoke to me during that moment. It played in my head that entire day.

have to post the 10th anniversary version because I couldn’t find the original anywhere…