10 of your favorite foods

  1. Cupcakes (I only allow myself one once a week. It’s a ritual tbh)
  2. Gumbo
  3. Pad thai
  4. Pancakes
  5. Strawberries
  6. cucumbers (I eat them at every meal. Seriously.)
  7. Tempura Udon
  8. Cucumber Kimchi (I love Asian cuisine. Obviously.)
  9. Crab
  10. Pizza (honestly, who doesn’t list pizza as one of their favorite foods?? WHO?)



I am on roll with these posts lol



10 Things about your personality

  1. I’m short-tempered
  2. I’m quiet. I often wonder if it makes people think I’m stuck up.
  3. I’m a very blunt person. I tell it like it is, whether you like it or not.
  4. I’m always unsure of myself. I seem totally calm on the outside, but on the inside I’m worrying about every little thing.
  5. I’m cautious of people. I don’t like taking the chance of being used.
  6. I’m ambitious.
  7. My feelings are easily hurt.
  8. I’m a hermit. I loathe going out. I’d rather stay home and do nothing.
  9. I’m a very impatient person. Very.
  10. I’m a realistic optimist.


10 things about your appearance, (clothes, face, hair, height, smile, piercing’s, tattoo’s).

      1. I’m a shorty. I’m 5 feet even.
      2. I tend to buy a multitude of different clothing styles, but majority of the time, all I wear is skinny jeans, chucks(or nikes), and a tee…maybe a nice jacket if it’s cold out
      3. I have 9 piercings. 3 earlobe piercing on each side, 1 cartilage piercing on my left ear, I have my lip pierced (don’t really wear my ring anymore though), and my belly button pierced.
      4. I have one tattoo. Peonies on the lower left of my back.
      5. I have extremely thick curly hair, but I rarely ever wear it curly.
      6. I think I have small teeth. When I smile too hard my gums show. I call them “chucky teeth”.
      7. My face is almost always made up. Seriously. Even if I’m not going anywhere, my face is usually fully made (Contact lenses, false lashes, blush, lipgloss/stick etc etc. The works)
      8. I have a burn mark on the inside of my arm (next to my elbow) from a flat iron.
      9. I’m really pale. I actually have a vein under my left eye that is so noticeable people always think I have a black eye -_- . Make-up barely covers it.
      10. I’m a black chick.  And proud of it.



All gifs at the end of posts for this challenge will be of GACKT.


I ♥ ××× by Ai Otsuka

I’d never been a fan of Ai Otsuka, only because I never really gave her music a chance before this single. I of course knew of all her popular songs: PEACH, Sakuranbou, Planetarium etc etc but I just never really tried out anything else of hers. And then this single came out. I don’t know what it is about this song, but I love it to death. I still listen to it all the time. Also, thanks to this song I ended up becoming a big fan of her music.


You have no idea how happy I am to be done with this damn challenge lol. It started as a fun thing to do and then it got to be a chore :/

…and yet, I want to do another one.


Touch and Go!! by Megumi Hayashibara

This is an ending to the first anime I can distinctly remember getting addicted to, which is Blue Seed. My brother has been an anime/manga fan since I could remember and every time there would be any type of anime on he would always want to watch it. And Blue Seed would come on like Showtime at like 1:30 in the morning on the weekend and I was like seven or eight and I would stay up to watch this show with him. I was obsessed with it. I remember when Inuyasha got popular in the U.S. I was really against watching it because it reminded me of Blue Seed lol.



Untitled~for Her~ by Ayumi Hamasaki

This song is a song that no matter when I listen to it, can make me tear up. It is a tribute to her best friend who died. and for me it touches me because the words she wrote about her friend are the same way I felt about a cousin of mine who died.

I had a cousin who was a few years older than me, but we grew up and did everything together and when she hit about 15, she got into some things that weren’t necessarily good for her and we just stopped comunicating all together. Anyway, needless to say, when she was 17 she got into a car accident and lost her life. Every time I think about it, I feel guilty because I actually saw her two weeks before she died and I just kind shoved her off not really caring to talk to her and then that happened. I couldn’t even go to her funeral because it was too hard for me. Listening to this song and remembering how we were so close and me not being in her life the way I wished I was (too late) makes me feel really guilty and I feel an immense amount of regret as well.

The lyrics.






Are You Ready to Rock by Miyavi

You have no idea how much I wish I could play this song lol. It’s just so…funky lol I don’t have a word to describe it, but it’s just one of those songs where when you listen to it, your face makes that odd scrunched up expression and you can’t help but to tap your feet or bang your head. It just seems like you would have such a good time playing it. I feel that way about majority of Miyavi’s music tbh.

Too bad I can’t play guitar.


LOL I’m such an idiot. I forgot to put the video in the post SMH.


Koe by Nakashima Mika

I’ve never really taken piano lessons or anything before…but I do know how to read music, and my brother (who did take piano lessons) taught me the basics of it. With this song, I loved it from the first listen and I had a strong urge to learn to play it on piano, so I begged my brother to teach it to me. Obviously, since I’m not great at it, the song doesn’t sound that hot when I play it lol but it does sound at least somewhat like the song. I can promise you that.


I’ve decided not to do Day 24…It just made me uncomfortable to think about lol

A song that makes me laugh is definitely Age Age Every Night by DJ OZMA. The guys in the video, the dance, the curly blond afro…that’s all that goes through my head whenever it comes on while I’m listening to my iPod. It’s just ridiculous. What’s more crazy was how big of hit it was in Japan. Everyone knew the dance and song. Ayu even performed the dance (with the wig) during one her concerts.

Of course,  you know I learned that damn dance.