SOTM #9 (and my 100th post!)

:EDIT:…For some reason all of my commentary was deleted. ;A; FML. So just listen to the songs.


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Masaki Yuka – Change Myself (Excited for her debut album next month! I say this every time I post one her songs, but you guys need to listen to her. Great J-urban artist.)

Nine Muses – Figaro (Never listened to Nine Muses before this, but I think this is a nice song. Someone inform me, is retro the new trend in Kpop now? This is like my third or fourth time seeing this concept.)

SPEED – PRIDE Ft. 大神: OHGA (I’ve been slacking on the working out for the last week lol but when I did  work out I played this song a lot. It’s perfect for it.)

Zion – Superman (I’m kind of head over heels in love with this  song lol. I just heard it for the first time a couple of hours ago, but I think it’s gorgeous and a bit refreshing tbh. It has the usual characteristics of Korean ballads..but idk, I still get different feelings from it. Not to mention Zion’s voice is beautiful.)

w-inds. – You & I (This single is so good I can’t even. Every single song is amazing. I’m fake bawling at the computer screen right now typing this. Just the thought of those songs…/sigh)

Koyote – 이제와 싫다면 (I don’t really watch K-dramas anymore, but I swear as soon as I heard this song it reminded me of the music that plays at the end of a really dramatic episode of a Korean melodrama lol it’s why I love it so much.)

hebe – My Love (I know Cpop – for some odd reason – is pretty obscure compared to Jpop and Kpop but I think people are missing out on some good music. So, I’ve told myself from now on, when I do a ‘SOTM’ post, I’m going to post at least one Cpop video.)

KyaruPamyuPamyu – ピンポンがなんない (I wish I could say that her EP was amazing, but tbh it was a little underwhelming. I mean don’t get me wrong all the songs are catchy and I liked them, but overall it was average.)

AKB48 -飛べないアゲハチョウ(This song came on while I was driving today and for some reason it got stuck in my head. It’s never been an AKB song that I cared for, but for some reason I’m really loving it right now.)

Kanjani8 – I to U (Another group whose latest single is just too good. This is the second SOTM post in a row that I’ve posted a song from their new single lol. But it’s just really good. This has become my favorite song from the single…actually no. It’s become  my favorite Kanjani song period. No words to describe how much I love it.  /bawling in front of the computer again.)


So, The MTV Music Japan Aid aired last weekend. I watched the performances of course and was slightly disappointed. Though really not too much because majority of the people they had as performers aren’t that great at performing anyway. But I expected them to do better than they did.  Here my thoughts of (some of) the performances, along with the performances themsleves:

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I’m just getting back home. I was in Houston this entire weekend. Doing what?

Clubbin’ of course…and looking for an apartment lol.

I was also away from a computer all weekend. Which meant no internetz. I didn’t even check on my phone.

Now when I get back on, I go check the pop culture news and…I was so pissed that I stayed away from the internet because epic shit happened (ala ARASHI) and I was also kind of glad I stayed away, because of the petty arguments that went on among fans (…wtf was that Kame fan – Jin fan argument? and the Ayu fan – 2PM fan argument that went on in Arama? What was that shit?? Not to mention the fuckery that was going on in the GACKT fandom about GacktJob).

But either way, This post won’t be super long, there wasn’t much I felt like talking about.

So onto the post.

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I am dying my hair as well as cutting it next week. I’ve had my hair blonde since last summer (Thank you JJ for the inspiration.) but now I want to go back dark, I miss it. Plus, it’s fucking expensive maintaining this shit.

As for cutting it…I still don’t know if I’m really going to cut as short as I want to but we’ll see.

Ugh. and my nephews and nieces are coming to town next week to stay for the entire summer…not looking forward to this at all.

Onto the post.

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I don’t feel like typing out all about my life at the moment so I’ll just say, that my birthday is on Sunday~!!!


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Problems, problems and more problems.

So I remember talking about how I was moving to Houston a couple of posts back…

Well, my cousin backed out of the deal. She isn’t moving with me anymore because she wants to wait another year before she moves.

I’m not staying in this shitty place, waiting for her.

So, I ended up talking to my step-sister last week (she’s not really my step- sister…she’s my sister’s step-sister but I consider her my sister because we grew up together….yeah, it’s a long story.), and she was telling me how she was trying to get out of this hellhole too. So I told her my problem and she offered to move there with me.

So that problem was solved.

Now, two weeks ago, I stopped working at Starbucks (Some stuff went down and I just couldn’t deal with the drama anymore). So now I’m with out a job.

I need a job soon because I plan on moving around late August, early July (changed my mind about going in June…too soon).  Otherwise I won’t be moving anywhere.

I have two savings accounts. One of them is for the money I got when I was 18 from my parents for college . The other is the account that I’ve been putting half of my checks into for the past 7 months specifically for this move. I refuse to take money out of my “college” account to move, because that wasn’t what it was made for (And I’d be really pissed at myself if I end up needing that money later on) and I know the longer I don’t have a job the more money that is going to be coming out of that second savings account (I have to pay for gas and my car note and insurance, I help my parents with the bills since I live here and of course I shop…which I really need to stop doing.)

Shit is stressing me out.

Not only that but me and Thao (if anyone still reads who used to follow LADY DYNAMITE…you know who I’m talking about) are not talking anymore. Betrayals happened (on both sides) arguments were had and we just…aren’t talking anymore. This is depressing me more than anything else because she’s my best friend (or was) and I’m kinda lost without her in my life right now. At the same time, I know this is just apart of life and you lose friends and gain friends all of the time. Hopefully we’ll be on at least speaking terms soon.

Random, but my birthday is in 15 days.

I hope I have a really good 20th.

Anyway, enough about my troubles.

Onto the post.

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I don’t care about number one, just being the only one.

There’s tons I want to blabber about that has to do with my personal life, but I’ll hold off until next post.

So onto it.

Lots to talk about it lol

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