Is this the end…

Of this blog? Yeah. I think it is.

So, let me start off by being competely honest here. With myself. With you all.

This blog has gone to absolute shit. Seriously.

To be utterly honest, this blog has been a failure from the start imo.

I started this blog after leaving the fucked up fandom that is the TVXQ/JYJ fandom. I wanted a new start and I wanted to get away from creaming and crying over five guys as if they were my entire world. (left TVXQ fandom and went back to KAT-TUN tbh…creaming and crying over five guys again. The cycle never ends. CREY.)

After having a blog centered around one thing, it all became a jumbled mess. There was so much I listened to and loved, that I wanted to share, but I didn’t know how to find a balance.

Another thing is that I cared too much about whether or not what I had to say would upset the people reading these posts. Even on my old blog it was that way… and in a sense, I felt I was lying to you guys because I wasn’t saying what I truly felt so I wouldn’t offend anyone. And that’s just not me.

I still want to accomplish what I set out to do when I started this particular blog, and that is to have a place, so to speak, where I could fangirl as I please, state my opinions concerning my fandoms as I please, and to make it enjoyable for the people who happen to stumble upon it.

But it won’t be with this blog.

The new blog  will be somewhat the same in the topics I discuss. But it’ll be much more organized.

For one, no more “SOTM” posts. I’m absolutely sick of them. (Plus, who really sits and listens to 8-10 songs in one sitting just because a deranged fangirl told them to? Exactly. So they are gone.) In it’s place will be a weekly/bi-weekly (depends on what’s been released) post, listing three (yes, only three) songs (along with videos so you can listen to them of course.) that I think are good enough for you to give a try.

…lmao that sounds exactly like “SOTM” posts doesn’t it? Lawd. Whatever.

I’ll also be doing a weekly posting of “spotlights” so to speak on a particular artist of my choosing. Could be one that’s already well known, one that’s just starting out, or one that’s been around a while who I feel doesn’t get enough love.

Anyway, as for the “regular posts” with 5-7 different topics, those are gone too. I just think they aren’t cohesive. At all. It annoys the shit out of me tbh, so “regular” posts on the new blog will have one topic per post (could be dealing with a rumor, a single, a PV, an album…what have you.) These posts will more than likely only be dealing with artists I’m at least somewhat familiar with. And believe me when I say that I will not candy coat a damn thing. Not even for my personal faves.

I also want to address me blogging about Kpop. In all complete honesty, I rarely, if ever, listen to Kpop anymore. I just don’t. Haven’t for months. And I haven’t actively been in the Kpop fandom for years. The reason why I want to say this is because I know there are people who read this blog regularly that are big fans of Kpop, and I just want them to have a heads up before reading the new blog.

…I refuse to force myself to listen and write about something that I have next to no interest in anymore. While I’m sure I will blog about Korean idols and artists, I don’t see myself  blogging about it much. Sorry.  Plus there’s already an overabundance of Kpop blogs already (understatement of the century), why add another to the bunch?

But I do want to post about Mandopop (Cpop…whatever you want to call it.) though. I feel like not enough people care to listen to it and I think it’s a shame. Unfortunately, it’s super difficult finding arists other than the popular ones. But I’m going to try.

There were a couple of things I really missed from LADY DYNAMITE (my very first blog). One is ranting. I miss it like you just would not believe. I used to do it all the time on that blog. And let me tell you, when I was on a roll? I was on a fucking roll. And it was hilarious to read after I calmed my ass down. People who read that blog seemed to get a good laugh out of them too…

Which brings me to the other thing I miss. And that is the interation I had with the people who read my blog. I want to know what you’re opinion is on a topic I decided to blog about. Whether you’d agree with what I’d say or not. Write a comment anyway! I love it. And I don’t bite. I promise :3

I want all of that back and then some. But I know it’s just not going to happen on this blog. So I’m going to start anew. I’m still debating whether or not I’m going to leave this blog up or just delete it… I’ll probably keep it up though. Gonna post on here when I do my first post at the new blog.

Annnnnd, just in case you didn’t see that link before, here it is again. The new blog: JPOP IS MY BOYFRIEND (decided to stick with the “song titles becoming blog titles” thingie. (Lady Dynamite – an Ayu song. Heavy Rotation – An AKB48 song. Got this one from a song by Skye Sweetnam, ‘Music is my boyfriend’. Love it btw.)

Gonna try to churn out a post there on Saturday or Sunday night. Hoping to do two to five posts a week. Gonna try my damnedest to make it happen. Stay on me about it.

See ya’ll at the new blog~ (To celebrate the new blog, I changed my icon to my #1 kween, Ayumi Hamasaki. yea.)

Still gonna post gifs at the end of my posts though cuz I love doing it.  That won’t change.


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  1. I’ll miss this blog! And the SOTM :( But I’m glad you aren’t giving up blogging for good! You introduced me to many new jpop artists/groups so I’m glad to see you centralizing. I will be sure to follow your new blog ^.^

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