Yes. Yes, I am still alive.

Initially I took a break from blogging simply because it got to the point where I was so busy I couldn’t even think about this blog. Then when I did want to blog I had absolutely no idea what to talk about being that I don’t take the time out to watch PVs or PV previews or anything like that anymore.

Anyway, I probably won’t be doing my usual types of posts anytime soon (Sorry~), so I figure doing a SOTM post every two weeks or so would have to suffice. That way I can still rave about the songs and artists that I’m loving without all of the extra hassle that usually went into making other posts. With that said, this will be a three part SOTM post. I’ll try and post one every day, but I make no promises.

Ayumi Hamasaki  – how beautiful you are (Earlier today I lost my shit over the CD+2DVD cover for Party Queen. I’m so excited for her new album now, you have absolutely no idea. But back to the song, I think it’s beautiful. (And the lyrics are so simplistic I honestly didn’t even have to look up anything in order to understand it lmao. ) It’s just a song that really doesn’t need an explanation. Right up there with ‘Jewel’, ‘Key’, and ‘Curtain Call’ for me.)


Kis- My-Ft2 – SHE!HER!HER! (This song is the best song I have heard all year. And I mean this shit. Come at me.)


KAT-TUN – LOCK ON (So… this song and Junno’s solo (which is delicious btw) are the only songs I’ve heard from their new album. BECAUSE my dumb ass had my copy sent to my parent’s house in Louisiana and they are all being assholes and don’t want to send it to me. I refuse to listen to it until I have my copy (because I’m an idiot. OBVS.) Anyway, love the song. Love the PV. They were almost in sync. Almost. Plus, Ueda and that hair. That alone makes the PV worthwhile for me.)


LEO – 君がくれたもの (Just discovered him literally a couple of hours ago. His voice is the sex and I am addicted. You’d all be doing yourselves a favor if you listened to this song.)


Ayaka Hirahara – NOT A LOVE SONG (Next to S!H!H!, this song is probably the best I’ve heard so far this year. She has an extraordinary voice and the way she sings it just gives me chills.)




For people who don’t know, I’ve become addicted to a member of Kisumai by the name of Senga.




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