SOTM #11

Tbh, i know it’s only the beginning of the year, but I haven’t been really feeling the songs that have been released so far lol.  But that’s fine, it tends to happen from time to time. So, that usually means that I go and listen to older music.

Anyway, the post.

(Also changed my icon to the glorious KimuTaku. )

Kis-My-Ft2 – Fire Beat (My ~gurl~ on twitter is a Kisumai stan and she is slowly but surely making me a stan of theirs.  Best believe, I have seen the light.(UGH. SENGA.))


RADWIMPS – 05410- (ん) (I’ve recently become a RADWIMPS fan, thanks to this song. With this particular song, I love that one minute he sings in (completely unaccented) English and then switches to Japanese. I really was not expecting it at all. So fluid.)


Teen Top – Teen Top (The EP was nothing special (surprise surprise) but I thought this song was rather nice. (Only posted this song because I felt it’d be odd if I didn’t post at least one Kpop song…))


Mr. Children – Love is Blindness (Forgot all about this song. It came on while listening to my iPod last night and I legit ended up listening to it non-stop for about an hour.)


B’z – Pray (I have no words for this song. You just need to listen to it. Posted the live version because it’s the only version I listen to.)


BUMP OF CHICKEN – 太陽 (I don’t listen to BUMP OF CHICKEN often, but when I do I tend to “binge” on their music.  One of my personal favorites of theirs.)


Angela Aki – I Have A Dream (I’d had Angela Aki’s most recent album on  my hard-drive since it was released…but had never listened to it, and it wasn’t until I watched her performance on Kouhaku that I decided to stop procrastinating.)


Plastic Tree – Thirteenth Friday (Been on this huge Plastic Tree thing for like the last month actually. Posted this specific song… mainly because, for some reason, I really like the PV.)





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