The final part of my Favorite Songs of 2011 series. I actually can’t believe I actually got it done before the new year lmao. But here it is. Enjoy.

RADWIMPS – 狭心症 (This song was released in February, but I heard it for the first time literally a few days ago (Thanks to my ~gurl~ on twitter for telling me about it) and I still can’t believe that it’s taken me this long to hear it. This song is flawless. Everything about it is just…DEEP.)


KARA – STEP (BEST KPOP SONG OF 2011.  Do I really need to say more than that?)


Kalafina – Sandpiper (Most people would more than likely say ‘Magia’ is the best song on After Eden…and tbh, I wholeheartedly agree. But with this song, I just love the eerie and overall sad feeling of it. Gives me chills.)


GACKT- Episode. 0 (Vocally, I felt I got the GACKT I fell in love with. I hadn’t heard him sing like this in what felt like forever. Not only that, but I just loved that it had the larger than life classical rock sound that I personally feel we rarely ever get from him anymore.)


Ayumi Hamasaki – BRILLANTE (I don’t even know what to say about this song. The last truly epic song Ayu released was ‘Microphone’ and I didn’t think she would ever be able to top it…and then she released this masterpiece. This is exactly why I stan for her. She’s willing to take risks that other prominent Japanese female solo artists aren’t. This is the way I love my Ayu.)


SPYAIR – Beautiful Days (Even though they really had their major label debut last year, I didn’t find out about them until this year. I love everything they’ve released so far. EVERYTHING. So instead of wasting hours trying to figure out which song to use, I just picked their last single before their album release.)







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