Part V of my favorite songs of 2011.


HYNA – TARATIKA (Hyna is my new skank queen tbh. She really kind of came out of nowhere and blew everyone away. We haven’t seen anyone this raunchy since Kuu. Another great thing is that she really is extremely talented )


w-inds. -YOU & I (This was another song that I had completely forgotten about (Thanks to all my songs being deleted off my iPod) but I’m so glad I remembered it. It’s such a good song to listen to at any time of the year. I especially loved that it wasn’t reminiscent of Big Bang, like much their music has been for awhile now.)


THSK (HoMin) – Back to Tomorrow (Homin once again. This time, a song from their Japanese album. TVXQ (2member and 5member) always makes great ballads in Japan and this proves it. While Changmin and Yunho may not have the best voices, none of that mattered because the song is just so solid. My favorite song from TONE.)


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – PONPONPON (This song took on a life of it’s own lol. Even if you hate this song, You still probably know the words. This song is just too catchy for it’s own good.)


Kanjani8 – I to U (I’m not a huge Kanjani8 fan tbh but I do listen to their singles and albums when they’re released. This was a b-side to the Tsubasa ni Koi single but imo this song was too good to be just a b-side. Hands down, one of my favorite songs this year. Period.)


Utada Hikaru – Show Me Love (Not a Dream) (Hikki (unfortunately) went on hiatus this year, but not before gracing us with some new songs. I loved all of them but this song is just so…I have no words to describe it, other than it’s amazing.)







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