Part III of my favorite songs of 2011.


Eru – 촌스럽고 유치하게 (Eru is one of my favorite Korean singers, so I was quite excited about his comeback this year and he didn’t disappoint me at all. I tend to play this song when I’m driving. It has that type of feel lol.)


UVERworld – 一石を投じる Tokyo midnight sun (This song is all over the place imo, but I find that I like the “controlled chaos” of it…if that makes any sense at all.)


Koda Kumi – Poppin’ Love Cocktail ft. TEEDA (Out of all the songs Kuu released this year (and there were a lot), this song has surprisingly become my favorite. Majority of the lyrics in this song are full of lulz, and yet I can listen to this song on repeat for hours. It’s just such a great pop song.(had to post the live version. Sorry.))


L’arc en Ciel – XXX (L’arc released three singles this year and while I love all of them, this song really did a number on me, because it was the first time in a long time (imo) where it felt like they weren’t just playing it safe.)


Rainie Yang – 缺陷美 (I’ve always felt that Rainie has very beautiful voice and so I always find her ballads very ethereal and calming and this one is no different.)


Yamashita Tomohisa – Tokyo Sinfonietta (Ah Yamapi. I’m actually really surprised one of his songs made it on my list. But I can’t even lie, his album was really good. This song in particular left quite a big impression on me.)


MBLAQ – Mona Lisa (I actually forgot all about this song until I was going back in this blog and saw that I blogged about it…then I remembered how flawless it is. I can honestly say it’s the best song released from a male Kpop group this year.)




This year I got the best Christmas gift I could have ever received. I made up with my best friend, Thao, after not talking for about six or seven months. She drove here to Houston and surprised me. I really missed her :)


2 responses

  1. Awwwww I’m glad u made up with ur friend!!! =] I had one fight with my best friend and that drove me mad!! I wouldn’t stand not talking with her for 6/7 months!! Girl u have ur pride n ego somewhere high =p however must be relieving in way now that u guys made up!

    • Yeah my pride and ego is really high lol but honestly we had a really big argument that had to do with a lot of things, so I think we really need the break for the both of us to just grow up lmao but we’re good now :)

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