SOTM #10

Was planning on doing like three posts within the last week and a half but 1) work and 2) I’ve been really lazy. So please forgive me and read about/listen to these songs that I love at the moment.

Also before we get to the songs, I’ve decided that I’ll post links to download the songs that I list on my SOTM posts because I figure, if it were me and I’d heard a song on a blog that I really liked that I would want them to post a link so I could put said song on my iPod. So that’s what I’m going to do from now on.


Amuro Namie – Sit!Stay! Wait!Down (This single is quite honestly her best since 60s70s80s. I even enjoyed her ballads which believe me I usually can’t stand because her voice is so monotone.)

Koda Kumi – Say Her Name (This is the B-side to Kuu’s new single, Love Me Back. I personally like this song more only because it sounds like something that would have been on her first two albums, both of which I love.)

KAT-TUN – Star Rider (Oh KAT-TUN. You have made me such a happy fangirl these last few weeks. Out of the four songs on their new single, my favorites are actually Birth and BABY BE MINE. But, I just had to post this video for this song because my boys looked GOOD in it. All five of them. Especially my bb Kazuya. Ugh. Honestly took me over 20 minutes to get through the entire PV. I just kept rewinding and rewinding lol That’s how good they looked! People. You need to go find and DL an HD version of the PV. Seriously.)

Kis-My-Ft2 – We Never Give Up! (I actually just saw the PV for the first time a couple of hours ago, but I’d heard the song when it first leaked and I really liked it. For some reason, the PV just made me like it more. I think it’s because I just really enjoy watching Kisumai dance. They’re amazing tbh.)

BRIGHT – BAD GIRL!! (FT. SKY-HI) (Thank You Avex for finally giving BRIGHT a song to show off how well they can dance! Now please give them some good promo like you’ve been doing for Fairies!)

Earthmind – B-Bird (Downloaded this single on a whim and am so glad I did. Amazing A-side and equally amazing B-sides. Recommend the entire single.)

GACKT – Graffiti (I didn’t listen to this song in it’s entirety until the single was released, mainly because, what little I’d heard I didn’t like, but surprisingly, I absolutely love it! Love it love it love it! Don’t really care for the b-side though)

Ryuichi Kawamura – Ne (Ryuichi Kawamura is the frontman for Luna Sea and while I had heard a few of his solo songs before (Glass, Cielo, Julia, Christmas, and Beat), I’d never truly given music a try for reasons I don’t know, which is stupid of me to begin with, being how his solo work is super popular in Japan. So I downloaded all of his albums and listened to them and was blown away by how good they were. His music as a soloist is nothing like Luna Sea but I wasn’t expecting it to be. Either way, I really recommend his solo work)

2PM – 100日記念日 (Super shocked right now. I LOVE 2pm’s Japanese album. I think all the new songs scream 2PM but are…Jpop friendly? lol meaning they don’t sound too much like the typical sound that we associate with Korean idols… they found a nice middle ground between the two.)

TroubleMaker – Time (Duo made up of Hyuna from 4minute and some guy from BEAST (have no idea what his name is because I don’t follow BEAST). I really enjoyed their entire EP which I was not expecting.)

Rihanna – Roc Me Out (I don’t usually post Western music on this blog but I bought Rihanna’s album, Talk That Talk, last week and I love it! This is one of my absolute favorite songs off the album)


Couldn’t find any videos for these songs, so here are the links to DL if you want to try them out:

Daichi Miura – Shout It

Mai Kuraki – Strong Heart


2 responses

    • That’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me lol I’m glad. I know how it is to be originally a Jpop fan and get swept up in Kpop and the idols and all of that, It’s always good to never forget where it all started :)

      I love 2pm’s album too. Probably the best (next to Homin’s) Korean idol’s Japanese album this year.

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