10 things about your appearance, (clothes, face, hair, height, smile, piercing’s, tattoo’s).

      1. I’m a shorty. I’m 5 feet even.
      2. I tend to buy a multitude of different clothing styles, but majority of the time, all I wear is skinny jeans, chucks(or nikes), and a tee…maybe a nice jacket if it’s cold out
      3. I have 9 piercings. 3 earlobe piercing on each side, 1 cartilage piercing on my left ear, I have my lip pierced (don’t really wear my ring anymore though), and my belly button pierced.
      4. I have one tattoo. Peonies on the lower left of my back.
      5. I have extremely thick curly hair, but I rarely ever wear it curly.
      6. I think I have small teeth. When I smile too hard my gums show. I call them “chucky teeth”.
      7. My face is almost always made up. Seriously. Even if I’m not going anywhere, my face is usually fully made (Contact lenses, false lashes, blush, lipgloss/stick etc etc. The works)
      8. I have a burn mark on the inside of my arm (next to my elbow) from a flat iron.
      9. I’m really pale. I actually have a vein under my left eye that is so noticeable people always think I have a black eye -_- . Make-up barely covers it.
      10. I’m a black chick.  And proud of it.



All gifs at the end of posts for this challenge will be of GACKT.


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