SOTM #9 (and my 100th post!)

:EDIT:…For some reason all of my commentary was deleted. ;A; FML. So just listen to the songs.


Shakira – Waka Waka (Idk what was wrong with me, but I was on a Shakira thing for a few days. And this was one of the songs I could not stop listening to.)


AKB48 – 風は吹いている (AKB’s new single is fucking awesome. Seriously. I love every single song. I like this PV a lot too.)


WheeSung – Music (Idk if Wheesung already left for the military, but his last mini-album was great and was a good thing to leave behind until he comes back in two years)


Wang Lee Hom – 火力全開


Kamenashi Kazuya – 1582


EXILE -あなたへ


The GazettE – UNTITLED


Florence + the Machine – Only If For a Night


3 responses

  1. Congratz for ur 100th post!!!! =D

    FTM’s music stands out soo much n the vocals with the music arrangements are incredible <33

    I just wanted to share my effin excitement that i cant contain:


    Ayu is in London and I shall go and see her <3333333 – i mean IF i cant go to japan now and she comes over with less media around, thats like sth that exceeds my brain capacity to understand between reality and imagination XD

    so if u want to deliver anything, u're more than welcome!!!!! this is not intended to tease u whatsoever i promise but fans like u should be around when their idols r abroad to show appreciation to them <33

  2. ugh ikr about FTM! Best thing out of the UK atm if I’m being honest. They are just on an entirely different level musically imo.

    STOP. You’re going to try and see Ayu?! So jealous right now! I wouldn’t be able to compute even the thought of me even being able to catch a glimpse of her! Is she going for business or just for vacation? I would imagine if she’s going just to go, it won’t be much media around like there was last time.

    OMG YES I WOULD WANT TO DELIVER SOMETHING TO HER! But I don’t know what…okay you have me hyperventilating a bit lol

  3. YESHH and also she’ll be here for about a month!!! I dont really know what the purpose of the visit is for but there were many speculations going on in the ahs forum about what it could be… whatever it is- i’ll munch munch

    When i found out i was silent screaming my life out as it was 1 in the morning and probably would have been kicked out of my accommodation if it was for real- i actually still cant believe we’re on the same land and same timezone X<33D

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