Posts may begin being few and far between.

Work is taking up majority of my time now, and when I do have free time I don’t want to spend it blogging (people who read this blog who blogs themselves, know how long a post can take to churn out) and it won’t be getting any better come new years’ because then I’ll be attending school again with work on top of that.

Not only that, Not to say I don’t still like it, but I just have no desire to give my opinion on Jpop and Kpop at the moment. I’m kind of over both fandoms right now.

I might do a really random post here and there, but no more two or three posts a week thing. I’m just not for it.

So until the next post….whenever that may be.


3 responses

  1. uh, i did enjoy visiting this blog when i discovered it this summer…
    hope things are ok =] but obviously u need to prioritize so its fine! take care

    • Lol I just uploaded a new post so don’t say goodbye just yet D:

      I love blogging so I’m trying to figure out how I’m gonna make it work. I’ll probably end up making posts that are shorter than I did before. I’m not leaving yet :)

  2. Wow, im glad i came back to check!!! i won’t say goodbye that’s fo sho ;]
    do ur best in ur work n school but don’t neglect us for long ;p good luck =D

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