Songs under the cut:


chouchou – B612 (A very amazing person pointed me in the direction of this group. Unfortunately, no places to download their discography. I hate when that happens because I always feel like I could be missing out on something really great.)

WEAVER – Shine (I love WEAVER. I really do, but I’m pissed that their new album was nine songs with piano instrumentals of six of those songs. What the fuck man. )

G.NA – Top Girl (Another solid release from G.NA. Even though the song is super basic, she still makes it sound fresh…if that make any sense at all. Her entire mini-album is pretty good. This video though…)

Super Junior – Superman (I actually don’t know if I really like this song or not…the song starts and I’m like “aww Shiiieeet” and but then it never really picks up…at all. I also watched their comeback stage for this…it was so bad and just overall awkward OMG.)

JPM – 月球漫步 (Taiwanese…well, I guess we can call them an idol group.They are former members of a group called Lollipop F.  This is their debut song as this unit. Of course, being this has been the trend with Cpop groups for the last couple of years, they are very reminiscent of Kpop idols in both sound and looks. But this is 100 times better than anything I’ve seen in Kpop in a while. The dance is nice, the guys are cute, and the song is crazy catchy but also very mediocre. One of them looks a little like KyuHyun actually and the song sounds like something Suju would sing. and yet, idgaf. I love it. I’ve watched the MV about ten times already lol Can’t wait until their album comes out.)

MISIA – 逢いたくていま (I started watching JIN  a few days ago and this is the theme song. Not really going to say anything about the song or MISIA. Everyone knows she has the voice of angel. I will say though, that JIN is so good. I don’t why I never watched it. I need to hurry and get through it so I can watch season two.)

ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D – IN MY WORLD (Second opening to Ao no Exorcist. I don’t know why, but when songs that I normally wouldn’t listen to more than once are used as OP or ED for anime I tend to become so obsessed with them. idgi.)

Evanescence – What You Want (I was so pissed at myself because I didn’t know they’re releasing a new album. I didn’t even know they released a single earlier this month. I found out by accident. Either way, it doesn’t matter. After I found out, I pre-ordered the album on iTunes. So it’s all good lol.)





3 responses

    • I downloaded it and listened to like the first 15 – 20 seconds only and was just like, “omg, this song is going be so sick!” …and then I listened to the rest of it. I honestly don’t know how I got through the entire song. It was a bore. Once again, proving why I can never be a fan of Super Junior.

  1. Really like the new background. Not much to say but you should listen to ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D’s eggmate of the year. Their best single so far (go to YouTube to find it cause I can’t find a DL for that song).

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