I’m so bored right now, so I decided to do a post on Ayu and JUNO’s song, Why…



First let me just say, when a small preview of the song was featured in a CM, I had said that Juno sounded extremely off-key…and I want to take that back. Juno actually didn’t sound half bad, but his voice was really weak/strained to me during the verses or maybe he was just  trying to make his voice sound soft? Either way, it didn’t translate well in the song imo. Especially when you put him next to Ayu, who can project her voice really well no matter what range she sings in. She really ended up overpowering him in this song, which I wasn’t expecting.

The chorus though… like I said before, is a hot mess. I just don’t think their voices mesh well together. I will say though, that after listening to it a few times you get used to how they sound together. I put more blame on Ayu though. Girl does not change her voice at all to complement anyone else lol She just sings how she wants to. I’ve realized that, listening to the few songs she sings with other artists. Either it works or it doesn’t. That “harmonizing” at 3:04 is a great example of that. It was horrible.

Now as for the song itself, I actually really like it, shockingly enough. I’m shocked because I wasn’t expecting to like it at all. The melody is different from the usual mid-tempo ballad Ayu usually does and it really gives me a 90’s Jpop ballad feel for some reason.

Out of the three songs we’ve heard so far, this is the order I would rank them.

3 –  Beloved

2 – Why…

1 – Progress (This song has really grown on me.)

They aren’t scanned but here are a few pics of the PVs that she recently showed on her deji deji diary in ViVi.


ANother Song ft. Urata Naoya


…But when are the PVs going to start airing? I really want to see them. Oddly, enough the pv I’m most excited to see is the PV for Progress.






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