Careless Breath

Since the last actual post, I have moved from Louisiana. Yes. I am finally in Texas and I am loving it. I’d forgotten just how much I missed living on my own and not with my parents.

I could do without all of the traffic though. I already hate driving and the traffic is making me hate it even more. I’m from a small city, so the traffic there isn’t anything like here. I’m also tired of seeing my roommate’s boyfriend at the apartment every day. He’s so fucking annoying. It would be fine if he just didn’t talk to me but he does and he knows I can’t stand him.

I don’t miss anything from home…other than my dogs that is.

But enough of that. Onto the post.


4minute released the PV to the Japanese version of their song, HEART TO HEART.


I hate Aegyo. I really do. It’s not cute. It annoyed me…and it isn’t anywhere near as heavy here as it is in other Kpop videos.

With that being said, I really loved how the video looked though. I mean, yeah it’s the basic Kpop MV formula, and yet I prefer it over the Korean PV and oddly enough, I actually really like the song in Japanese, which is crazy because I hate the Korean version…

But Hyuna’s tan, she needs to get rid of it. It just doesn’t look good imo. Girl looks orange.

I really hope that they do well this time. It sucks that they went over to Japan before KARA and SNSD and yet they don’t even have a third of the success that those two groups have.  People can say it’s because they aren’t going the “cute” route but that sounds like a lame excuse for why they’re flopping.

The real reason why they aren’t doing as well (imo) is because Universal isn’t giving them the same amount of promotion that they’re giving SNSD and KARA. I mean really. Just thinking back on when they all released their debut singles, KARA and SNSD had billboards everywhere and 4MINUTE didn’t have any of that. I don’t know if it’s because CUBE isn’t giving Universal the money that KARA and SNSD’s agencies are to promote them or if it’s because unlike those two groups 4MINUTE is under a sub-label of UMJ rather than the main label, but something’s got to give.

Even Secret got more promo than them and they just released their debut Japanese single. Shit is not right.


EXILE will be releasing a charity single with two A-sides. Rising Sun and Itsuka Kitto…, which is Atsushi’s debut solo song.

Short PV for Rising Sun:


They’ve been performing Rising sun for almost a month now but this is my first time actually listening to it, and It is pretty fucking amazing. It has that signature EXILE sound that I love so much. I love the “Rise Rise Rising Sun” part.

Obviously, being a former TVXQ stan, when I heard their new song was called Rising Sun, I immediately thought of their song of the same name lol

Like the song, the PV has that signature EXILE look and I saw some members of Sandaime J-Soul brothers, FLOWER, and HAPPINESS in the PV.

Tbh, the only one I was looking for while watching the PV was ELLY lol. For people who don’t know who he is, he’s a dancer in Sandaime J-Soul Brothers, he’s bi-racial and GORGEOUS. I could stare at him all day.

…And here is the short PV for Atsushi’s debut solo song, Itsuka Kitto… (will be the other A-side for EXILE’s new single, Rising Sun)


ngl, I lol’d when they showed the close-up of that guy bawling at 0:09 but Atsushi, oh Atsushi, you flawless flawless man. His voice is pure heaven. There is no other way to describe it really.

This song is beautiful and I really hope next time Avex just lets him have his own solo single instead of having him put it together with EXILE’s. People love the guy, I’m sure he could sell really well with only his name attached.


Here  is a live performance of Rising Sun.


Rainbow is one the tons of Korean groups debuting in Japan.

To be honest, I’ve never listened to anything by Rainbow ever. I of course knew of them but I didn’t really know anything about them and I wouldn’t have been able to point them out of the other female idol groups with more than five members.

When I heard that they were debuting in Japan, I did what I usually do when I see that yet another Kpop group is debuting there… I sigh, glance over the article, and continue scrolling to the next article. But I saw a video of them speaking in Japanese and was pleasantly surprised by how good their Japanese was, and then I saw the covers for their debut single and was once again pleasantly surprised. So I told myself that when the PV comes out I will give them a try and watch it.

It isn’t HQ, or even MQ but hey, have to work with what’s out for the moment.  Here is the PV for the Japanese version of their song, A.


and the Korean version, simply for reference


So. The Japanese PV and song are eons better imo, but tbh, the song (in any language) isn’t anything special. It’s catchy yes, but also forgettable.

The girls are pretty, but what Kpop idol group isn’t? I can’t even tell them apart tbh and with the exception of their Japanese being good, I don’t think there is anything that’s going to make them stand out from the other Kpop groups.

Needless to say, I’m disappointed.

I really feel like Kpop groups coming to Japan has reached a stagnant and I am officially over it.


Was going to talk about Kuu’s PV for her new single and the PVs from 4times but they’ve been taken down at all of the sites that I can use on wordpress :/ so I’ll just say, that I love them all.

Name of this post is a song by EXILE featured on their album, ASIA. Listen to it HERE


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