So much perfection in this post…I can’t.




Junsu had a cameo in the drama, Scent of a Woman and HNNGG he looked so gorgeous and his hair was just so perfect and he sounded so cute and gorgeous when he sang in Engrish and he spoke some Japanese and his smile was just so angelic and he performed some of INTOXICATION!! And I just Adj;sakjd’fja’fjksfjlf!!



Here it is:

And the song he sang for the drama:

I just love him so so so so much. Almost a year after I left the fandom and my love for him has not dwindled at all.

Forever my #1 bias. Seriously.


2 responses

  1. The DongWoon gif wins the award for “most used KPop gif ever.” Before I became a BEAST fan I was so curious to where that was from, until one day I saw that clip where KiKwang gets shoved and kisses HyunSeung on the forhead. Or something like that, it was either KiKwang or JunHyung. The Kevin rolling around is used pretty often too.

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