I think I’m ugly, and nobody wants to love me.

…Well. Let’s talk about the song first.

I actually really enjoyed the song. I love that it sounds different from the usual faux hiphop/reggae/RnB/Europop that they usually do. This time it’s pop-rockish which is always good in my opinion. They all sounded great…even Bom and Dara.

I really love the lyrics as well. I saw a lot of people say that it was written in a very vain way and that it was showing a bad example to their fans…but honestly, teenage girls are vain as fuck. Most girls feel a guy wouldn’t like them if they’re ugly. Simple as that. And tbh, when it come to teenage guys it’s usually 100% true, which is sad.  But I digress. To put it simply, unlike a lot of other people, I had no problem with the lyrics because that is truly how most teenage girls think.

I also don’t get why people are rolling their eyes at BlackJacks who felt strongly about the song…like I just said, teenage girls (who I’m sure makes up majority of their international fanbase) feel this way about themselves, hence why when a group they idolize sings a song like that (even though they didn’t write it) they feel an immense connection to it.

Now, while I didn’t have any problem with the song itself, I had a few problems with the MV.

I get that the MV is suppposed to be somewhat of a sarcastic approach to the song, but in the end it just ended up looking like everything else they’ve done. Wearing flashy clothes with tons of make-up and/or doing something outlandish.

I just wish they could do one MV where they are wearing normal clothes with  minimal make-up with a great storyline (Go Away does not count, because it was gaudy and the story was cheapened because of the was they portrayed it). They could have done it with this PV. They could have made something really great, but as usual YG has to flaunt just how much money they have by making them wear designer clothes, using tons of slow motion and explosions…

Ugh, YG irks me so fucking much now.

I realized that even though I’m an Avex stan (and former YG stan) I haven’t even mentioned the whole YGEX thing YG and Avex have going on now…

Probably because, I really don’t have an opinion on it. I mean, if anything I’m confident that if YG lets Avex use their producers instead of using Teddy, YG’s artists could come out with some great Japanese material.  

I also, don’t get why people think this is bad idea…If they play their cards right, they could have a real good thing.

Tbh though, the only thing I care about is the fact that Se7en will finally be releasing shit in Japan again and under Avex, which is even better for me.

Thank baby Jesus for that.


2 responses

  1. I like you lol, u have an awesome opinion, besides Lonely, this is the only song I like, and ACTUALLY like from their mini-album, I’m usually annoyed by blackjacks and 2NE1’s songs being always so….yknow auto tuned and not vocally pleasant, but I like songs like I don’t Care, Go Away and Ugly, those are the good 2NE1 songs…
    and i feel the way the lyrics describe and it’s something not only teenage girls feel, but many people who have lower self esteem and it’s important for people to have songs they can relate, given im a guy as well lol
    lastly, THANK YOU, YG is a show off, they are good of course, but people talk as if they are heaven…it annoys me, they flaunt their money all the time, it’s annoying and plus…they should worry about making smth meaningful, which the song is….i wont even watch the MV lol

    • Thanks! and I like you! lol This song and Lonely are the only two songs I like from their mini-album too. The other songs all sound alike…which means they sound like 95% of their entire discography.
      BlackJacks are some of the most delusional fans I have ever come across. Trust me. I was a blackjack during the first year 2ne1 were out.

      I agree with you about the lyrics. They can pertain to anyone not just teen girls( I just used them as an example because they make up a large part of their fans.) which is why I didn’t understand why people were complaining about it.

      I don’t even think YG are that good anymore tbh. Oh yeah, they used to be really good. but now? No. Everything that their artists have released in the last few years have been lackluster at best imo. So like you, it annoys me when YG stans talk as if they make the best music in the world and everything else is crap.

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