I was really stumped on this day because, I had no idea how I could find one song that describes me.

…In the end, it came down to three songs (two Ayu songs and a GACKT song. Predictable right?). Even though I’m only supposed to list one, in the end I could only dwindle it down to two.

These two songs describe exactly how I feel at this time in my life.

…I’m an individual filled with angst.

A Song For XX ”030213 Session #2” by Ayumi Hamasaki (lyrics trans)

Lapis by GACKT (lyrics trans)

The other song was Real Me.

Half way through the challenge~


2 responses

  1. I guess people favor artists that they can relate to the most.. so no wonder that ur favs would be how descriptive of u… not based on their popularity that is..
    but this version of A Song For XX was lovely!!! i bought the album to understand Ayu from the start…
    and lapis is just too gorgeously deep. tbh i never heard it before but its beautiful O.O
    good luck with the rest of the challenge =]

    • You hit the nail on the head tbh, I don’t really care if GACKT or Ayu are popular or not, their music gives me more than any of the popular artists right now.

      Ayu killed it on this version! If anyone ever doubts her talent the are crazy.

      GACKT on a piano is always a great combination. Always. OMG! You need to download the Mizerable EP it is just so flawless (seriously).

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