I Love You by Ozaki Yutaka hands down.

This song can make you feel some serious emotions. Especially at night when you’re alone. I’ve cried while listening to it quite a few times. The lyrics aren’t incredibly sad or anything, but just the way he sang it…it gets to me every time.



3 responses

  1. wow, i had absolutely no clue that this dude sang this song only bcaz:
    i have this song under the artist of X Japan with vocals by Hikki anddd in a live…. where she screwed up at the beginning caz she forgot the lyrics (ayu blankness style x] but ayu usually continues, hikki panicked) and u hear allll of that which i wish i could send the audio file to let u hear this epic track imo =p

    this guy can surely express such sadness but hikki also sounded sooo fragile and vulnerable so the song in general must send a ‘sad’ vibe.. great pick!

  2. I know what you’re talking about! I have Hikki’s version on my ipod too lol

    Yeah, a lot of Japanese artists have covered this song. It’s a classic.

    My favorite cover was Mika Nakashima’s, she put a little twist to it that was different from the rest.

    • I knew many covered it but never realized; well more or less tried to find out who was the original singer – fail from my part tbh haha

      great, i’m missing hikki now and it has barely been few months since the announced hiatus =/

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