Flying out to Florida tomorrow morning. I’m staying until the 7th. Gonna try and not act up too much.

…I haven’t even packed yet.



I am the Best MV has been released.


…Can’t Nobody 2.0

That’s what I just watched.

That’s really all it was. It was entertaining but pretty underwhelming overall.

The visuals were really nice and it’s obvious they had a huge budget for this PV, but it literally wasn’t anything I haven’t seen from them before.  And I might be in the minority here, but I actually think this is a step down from the Lonely PV.

I’m not really feeling the clothes the stylist they have now has been putting on them either. The stylist they had initially (I’m forgetting his name at the moment) actually made a lot of the things they wore and it made them look “cool” instead of obnoxious. Too bad he had to enlist.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter we all know what – or I guess I should say who- is the best thing about this MV (and the song), even though she wasn’t given nearly the amount of screen time or lines that CL did.






Paranoid Doll is out.


God, he is not playing on these songs! His voice sounds so amazing. This single is going to be his best vocally in quite a while.

The shocking thing for me is that, when I had heard the Gakupoid I initially liked this song more than Episode. 0, but when this version came out it took me a couple of listens to make much sense of it. If that makes any sense at all.  I just didn’t really know what to make of it tbh.

It’s definitely grown on me though. But I think Episode. 0 leaves a deeper impression personally.

I can’t wait until they air his performance on MJ. He’s going be performing as Gakupo. LOL I love it!





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Okay, I really don’t know much about this new artist, but his songs are the shit. He has a mini-album coming out…well today lol which I’m really excited about actually. I’ve been listening to way too much J-urban lately, so this will be a nice change for me.

Here are a couple of songs:

サディスティックラブ (I really like this one)







Junsu’s twin brother, who signed with Rhythm Zone (aka Avex) to begin his Japanese activities has released a teaser to his song fate.


Taking notes from Junsu I see.

….Well, he definitely doesn’t have the talent that Junsu has, but he’s good enough. The song sounds alright too (sounds better than that stuff he did in China). I’m really looking forward to the full video if only to see the dance.

I felt a little uncomfortable watching the preview though lol he looked so much like Junsu! It was freaky. I never thought they really looked that much alike so it was weird for me. Maybe it’s because he was doing certain mannerisms that I’m used to seeing Junsu do, but damn during the whole preview I was like,



…I still can not get over how ironic this is either.




My brother is going to pee his pants when I tell him Rurouni Kenshin is being made into a movie. I’m excited about it too  (I’ve actually been reading it again for the past couple of weeks). They better not fuck it up though. Please please stick to the manga…and maybe let T.M. Revolution do the main song for the film. (And since I’m such a fangirl, I’m even more excited that Takeru is going to be playing Kenshin.)

In this last week, I found out that B’z are coming out with a new album at the end of July and Red Hot Chili Peppers are coming out with an album in August. So excite.

Title of this post is named after the song You & I by Shimizu Shota. Which is of course, what I’m listening to right now.


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