I am dying my hair as well as cutting it next week. I’ve had my hair blonde since last summer (Thank you JJ for the inspiration.) but now I want to go back dark, I miss it. Plus, it’s fucking expensive maintaining this shit.

As for cutting it…I still don’t know if I’m really going to cut as short as I want to but we’ll see.

Ugh. and my nephews and nieces are coming to town next week to stay for the entire summer…not looking forward to this at all.

Onto the post.


Kara is releasing a new single titled, Go Go Summer, on June 29th.

I just said last post that they need to release something in Japan soon, and literally the next day I see this! So happy!


Regular Edition


Limited Edition A


Limited Edition B


Limited Edition C


The song (Begins at 0:10):


Going straight into my summer playlist tbh.

Seriously though, I love it. I love the happy summer songs that Japan gives me, and since it seems like Ayu will not be gracing us with a joyous summer song…this shall suffice.

Also, I love the covers. All four of them. I don’t which one I’m going to buy though…probably version C because of that precious dog with them on the cover.




A song from Arashi’s upcoming album, Beautiful World, was released today. The song is called, ‘Mada Minu Sekai e’.


Hmm…I’m on the fence with this song. I love how it starts off…but after that, I really don’t know what to make of it. Though I will say I am fucking pissed that they did that to Sho’s voice AGAIN. If his rap sections sound like this on the entire album, I will not be able to deal.

I’ve listened to this song three times since it was released and I find myself liking it more each time I’ve listened to it but I’m still not loving it…IDK…IDK…we’ll see when the PV is out.





AfterSchool will finally release their very first Japanese single in August…the Japanese version of Bang!

Bang! though????

Don’t get me wrong I love Bang! but I just feel like they could have chosen another one of their songs besides that one…I mean really.

Here is Bang! for people who’ve never heard it or seen the PV before.


Jesus, I hope the Japanese PV is better than this one…though to be honest I don’t have much hope that it will be, because unless your name is Ayumi Hamasaki, Avex ain’t spitting out no major cash for your PV.

That’s the truth right there.

But you never know with Avex, I wouldn’t be surprised if they shell out the cash for them…UMJ has KARA and SNSD(…and 4minute) so they might feel the need to really make them stand out so they can compete. They already gave them one boost, which was having them feature on a Namie song…now they just have to actually promote them. They better pay to have them on Music Station like they did for 2NE1 and they better have their faces everywhere. Do not let me down Avex. I know you can promote like no other when you actually decide to give your artists exposure…so do it.

Here is the song I would have liked them to remake…if any at all.





Here is SMAP and AKB48 performing a medley of AKB’s hits.


Here is the snippet of Perfume’s song Polyrhythm featured in Cars 2.


AND. Here is the official trailer of Breaking Dawn!!!1!! (Twilight series was EVERYTHANG when I was in high school Okay? Deal with it. (I can’t ever get into Harry Potter because I was scarred for life when I was in middle school by the the HP fangirls who had actual HP fanclubs and printed out HP fanfics to pass around at lunch with the other fanclub members…I kid you not.)





GReeeeN – 花唄


Alice – Moving On


Secret – Starlight Moonlight


exist†trace – TRUE


SHY’M – Je Suis Moi


JERO – ただ… 涙



I heard about what happened with Daesung D: I hope he’ll be able to find some peace of mind soon, I know that has to be weighing heavy on him. Also, RIP to the motorcyclist that was killed in the accident.

So, fucking glad that shit with Avex, CJes, and JYJ is (somewhat?) over. I was tired of hearing about it. Now how about JYJ stop making such horrible music and let someone other than themselves compose their songs.

Congrats to SNSD for sellling over 230k copies of their debut Japanese album, as well as grabbing the number one spot on the Oricon…even though that album was horrible (still going to give it another listen though). Now we’ll see if it’ll have as much longevity as KARA’s Girl’s Talk did. (and LOL at sones saying this album will sell a million copies…)

Title of this post is a song by lecca.


3 responses

  1. Aaah this summer will be busy will all the releases!
    my opinion regarding Ayu’s release, for some reason the single might be double-a side kinda release thus still keep ur hopes up as it might be summery =D
    but about arashi’s new song, i thought exactly like you but it is definitely a grower!! i promise =]]

    AND thank god that greeeen is finally releasing a song <33 i've beeeen waiting forever with their ab dest on reeeeplay =p

    Oh n if u accept recommendations, give this song couple of listens:- (altho its an old one… i think around 06/07 maybe?) its called 'heaven' by janne da arc

    (lol actually it has a story of its own as it's related to ayu's heaven =p- briefly: i was still getting to know ayus' music, so i downloaded the two heavens from a program but as they finished downloading, i listened and they were polar opposite caz one is happy n the other one made me cry-bottom line, i loved both… but fell for ayu's on the first listen <3333 however the other one has a fresh summery feel with the vocal being really refreshing!!!) the other double a side is called mobious and its pretty awesome with a sound of the classic older jpop/jrock sound <33 plz give them a try! ;]

    sorry for this looong comment =pp

    • OMG don’t get my hopes up about a double A-side! I would die if she does that! My summer would be complete! lol I really hope she does a summery song even if it’s a B-side, The summer is just wouldn’t be right without an Ayu single.

      I’ve listened to the Arashi song a couple of times since doing this post and I agree, it’s definitely a grower! I’m almost positive when an HQ version of the song comes out I’ll fall in absolute love with it lol

      Believe it or not, I’ve only recently gotten into GreeeN…I mean I had a few songs I liked by them but I never really listened to any of their albums until recently. I’m so glad I decided to give them a chance!

      I listened to Heaven and Idk why but I think I’ve heard it before? …Maybe I have and I just don’t remember, and I listened to Mobius and I LOVE it. I really really love it. There was this one Janne da Arc song that I was in absolute love with and for the life of me I can not remember the name of it D:

      And please don’t hesitate to recommend me any Japanese music that you like! I listen to anything so, if you think I may like a song or group/artist tell me about it!

      (and don’t apologize for long comments. I love long comments. ^__^)

      • For GreeeN, try the song called ‘Koe’ it has a chillaxing sound of awesomeness- if ur still warming up to them =p
        However I’m glad that u listened to the songs! I wasn’t sure if u knew JDA caz i didnt lol caz as i focused on ayu’s stuff and changed computers, everything was gone n now that i remembered the tune, i had to find out who they were… only to discover that they are on a hiatus -.-

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