I’ve been dieting for the last two months (because I gained 15 pounds since the beginning of the year! I was so stressed.) and I really just want a cupcake D:

The semester is coming to an end very soon and next month, I’m going to Houston to go apartment looking. The closer to August it’s getting, the more anxious I’m becoming. I still can’t believe I’m moving! (Plus I’m sad because I’ve decided to leave my dog behind at home for a few months until I get settled…)

Anyway, new post ahead.

So continuing the ‘Intoxication Posts’ … (Thoughts about the post will be in bold)


A day – A few hours really, after the PV was leaked…I’m a bit calmer…

Oh Junsu…I could do some serious things to you~~~!!  I still can not get through watching this video without spazzing! I just don’t know what to say~!! Honestly from around Midnight until around 3:45AM I watched this fucking video…(with breaks in between of course ^^)

Anyway. enough about the video (for now >_>) let’s talk about the song. I love it! I don’t even listen to RnB very much (I listen to it all the time now, so this statement is no longer true.) but I love this song!! It’s so sensual…and sexy…like 90’s RnB…You know what I mean? REAL RnB!! Not like the RnB now that’s just trashy as hell! (I still believe this. Majority of today’s RnB is trashy as hell) And the English @___@ I have a feeling when we get the official translation it will be nothing like Chunglish…meaning it will make sense. I don’t think I’m ready though!  And let me just say I am such a perv because around the 3rd time I watched it all I could think about was YooSu and that picture from Harper’s Bazaar…because I think I heard him sing ‘squeeze’…and ‘stroke’ somewhere in there….I don’t think this was written about a girl(I must stop this!!) And can I just say that I am so happy that his voice doesn’t over power the beat! Su sings pretty loud and it happens from time to time (like on Xiahtic) but he sang this just right. 

I am listening to this fucking song as I’m typing this right now. Wait until I get this fucking CD  no onewill want to ride in the car with me because this is all I will play (This is true. I did play the hell out of this single in my car.)! I am serious. I’m even gonna get ghetto with it and play it loud as hell to where all you hear is the beat from the outside(I also did this.) (I’m gonna have to make sure no cops are around though because they will pull my ass over.) I guess I better get ready for people to look at me weird while I’m driving again.

As for the video…FUCKING PERFECT. I mean it. Once again, My first thought was 90’s RnB music videos…just right. Nothing too overtly sexy…no excessive skin…he let the song and the dancing intoxicate us (haha) It was really just perfect…and I just remembered that JunSu produced this fucking video…..

Seriously. Can this guy get any more awesome??!!

People were ragging on the make-up (I guess they mean the fact that they made his lips the same color as his skin? And the fact that he was gold??) and the eyebrows…yeah…

I loved the make-up (the eyebrows…that’s how Japanese guys wear their eyebrows…I think you can see his face (eyes) a whole lot better now…maybe that’s why people thought he looked tired?). It worked with the video’s concept. I even came to like the tan…it works.

His Golden skin…His hands..the veins…His arms..The hipthrusts…the lips…When he pulled the jacket off of his shoulders…Oh God…. (I still find ‘Intoxication’ era Junsu to be hot.)

I swear when they showed a close up of his hands with the ring, You know this part right here:

all I thought was, “PIMP!!!! PIMP!SU!!!! KEEP YOUR PIMP HAND STRONG SU!!!!” It was just such a pimp move lol I LOVED it…I want a ring like that now. I WILL FIND ONE IF IT’S THE LAST THING I DO! (never did find an affordable ring like that one…also, I can’t help but to laugh reading this.)

I could spazz about this all day. And I still can’t believe I’m not tired of this video yet. Him and Rain…two sexy beasts.

I honestly can never look at Junsu as innocent and pure ever again (That’s a lie, because just the other day he posted a pic of him and Xiahki on twitter and I thought I was going to die from all the pure innocent cuteness (also, he’s the only Korean artist I follow on twitter now. I don’t even follow Se7en anymore…)…It’s funny, because before I saw the video I was actually in the middle of watching AADBSK3 HoSu couple talk…and thinking about how cute he was, when Love-Chan (Someone who read LADY DYNAMITE.)  gave me the tip that a 45 sec preview was out…and then the 3min 45sec version…and I was gone lol And then I saw those pics from the Zuno showcase and he looked all cute and smiley…he is such a fucking contradiction. I love that about him!

Anyway…I just know that a shitload of fanfics are going to be created just from this PV/song.  Hell, A Jaesu one has already been made!! Can you believe that?




Okay, enough of that. I’ve decided to do a little bit of the usual music discussion thing. So, I’m done with the break.


So first off, GACKT is releasing a new single in July!


Oh God, my prayers have been answered (kind of…I asked for a new album…but meh, beggars can’t be choosers…). On his site it says it’ll be released on the 13th of July!! I already went to CDJapan and ordered both editions~!!!

I already know he will not disappoint me so I am pumped for this single!

(Also, can I just say, I am loving this man more and more everyday. I am always so grateful that he joined twitter.)



And as for Arashi…they are releasing a new album on July 6th and the Scene DOME DVD on July 15th!


I am excite.

Though  I will say that they really have to bring it on this album, because

1) I didn’t enjoy their recent singles (with the exception of To Be Free) as much as the ones before them.


2) After listening to it a few times, I really came to love BNMF. so hopefully this album will be just as good.

but yeah, other than that…

I am excite.

I already pre-ordered the album, but still debating whether or not to buy the DVD simply because I bought the last SCENE DVD…

anyway, I am still excite.





Laser leaked (the song) a couple of weeks ago, but now we are finally seeing previews of the PV.


I am very impressed right now. They look gorgeous and the PV looks amazing. A huge step up from Nee…both song and PV wise. And maybe it’s just me, but it seems like they didn’t toy around with their voices as much this time around?

I am liking this.

Now they just need to release an album already.

(And, congrats to them, their song, Polyrhythm, is being featured on the soundtrack as well in the movie, Cars 2. )





Kame performed Kizuna and literally my all time favorite KAT-TUN solo, Someday for Somebody.

(only posting Someday for Somebody because I can’t find the Kizuna performance…plus all I really care about is Someday for Somebody.)

I just never thought I would see him ‘sing’ Someday for Somebody again. I don’t even care that it was lip synced. Just to know that it was not forgotten was enough for me. ILU Kame <3

(And when in the hell will the WHITE PV be released? Why is it always like this for KAT-TUN? WTF man.)





L’arc’s new song, GOOD LUCK MY WAY finally leaked (including a promo pic!)!


Honestly, I am just so happy to have a new L’arc song. They could’ve been farting throwout the entire song and I still would’ve loved it.

But luckily that isn’t how the song is.

GOOD LUCK MY WAY is very upbeat and it kinda makes me want to dance…like HYDE of course. It reminds me a little of Bravery (I saw a lot of people saying READY STEADY GO, but I personally didn’t get that from this song.), which is a good thing for me because it’s one of my fave L’arc songs.

Oh God this single needs to hurry and come. I need to see a PV (Especially if HYDE is looking like that (Without atrocious blazer). That man is aging so gracefully.)





There are a lot of them…


Lim Jeong Hee – Golden Lady (Hyuna was not needed on this song. She kind of ruined it for me to be honest. But J-Lim was looking and sounding as great as ever. Her new mini-album is really nice.  Give it a listen. (First Eru now J-Lim?! Are solo singers finally starting to shine again in Kpop?!! Is the idol era coming to an end? Is it happening? No it isn’t. About three groups have debuted in the last month alone.)


Lady Gaga  The Edge of Glory (I actually didn’t really like this song on the first listen. But after listening to it a few more times I’ve come to really love it now. I’m loving the Power ballad feel. Very 80’s esque. Which I love. Something different than what is playing on the radio right now…Though I still wish she would have released You and I instead…I need that song in my iPod NOW.)


Clare Maguire – Freedom (Singer from the UK. I love her voice so much. I love her album so much. People seriously check her album out.)


UVERworld – CORE PRIDE (It has been a very long time since I’ve loved an UVERworld song. But this one really does it for me. )


Foo Fighters – Arlandria (My brother is a huge Foo Fighters fan and he kept pestering me to listen to their new album. So I did (obviously). And I really liked it. This is my favorite song from the album. It’s been on repeat for a few days now.)


HYNA – TARTIKA (She reminds me of Lady Gaga during The Fame era and Koda Kumi early in her career…but not as sexy. She’s a tryhard. That for sure. But not even gonna lie, I am loving this bitch. I love me some slutty singers from time to time and since Kuu has kind of given it up or I guess I should say really refined her skankiness, I need a new skank queen in my life, and HYNA is it. 


Skye Sweetnam – Music is My Boyfriend (I wake up to this song everyday. Gets me in a good ass mood. I always get ready for the day dancing lol)


U (Shirota Yuu) – Heart of Glass (I still don’t find him really attractive, but damn do I love this song. Plus he has a really pleasant voice.)


EELMAN – Simple ( J-Reggae. I used to not like J-reggae much but lately, I’ve been listening to it alot. This song is really calming and I like going to sleep while listening to it.)


Aoi Teshima – テルーの唄 (This song give me chills. That’s all I have to say about it.)


Aiba is so gorgeous. I just can’t stand to look at him sometimes.

So, someone I know who is a BlackJack, sent me a video where will.i.am was talking about 2ne1.

Then I told her to send me the song previews from their American album (b/c I’ve never really cared enough to listen to them)…and it sucked. 

Though really I’m not surprised because Will.I.Am sucks.

I really wish someone else would have worked with them. 

Also, title is a song by Hide, since he is who I’m listening to right now at this moment.


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