So, I have an interview Thursday. Let’s hope I get the job.

Anyway onto the post.

(Happiness, 4minute, Rania, Jay Chou, the GazettE…)


So, Happiness released the Short version of the PV to their song, “Friends”.

That dance. That dance looks so…awkward.

Why are they giving them these lame ass routines?

They are amazing dancers (they are a dance unit) and they are given that? Why? They need to give them a song where they can go all out.

…They all looked gorgeous though…

The song (the little we heard), sounds cute. Nothing I haven’t heard before though. The usual pop song.

I really wish they would have really made them more like EXILE, other than just the “two main singers and the rest mainly dancers”, Give them some pop songs, but also some really good R&B and Hip-Hop songs too.

…Also, congrats to EXILE for having an album go #1 for three consecutive weeks!

Here is the full PV to their song ‘Friends’


I still think the song is a mediocre Jpop song that I could hear anywhere, but the dancing, I can say, I really like now…even if it doesn’t go with the song…

They all looked really gorgeous and danced really well.

My only problem is the song. Like I said before, the song is very mediocre. I really think that they need a song that will make them stand out from the other girl groups (that includes the Korean ones). I get that they are only between 14-15 so their agency wants to do these type of songs, I get it. But they could still make songs with age appropriate lyrics that sounds better than this. I need….a Beginner type of song. A song that is just so epic that even their haters (even though I don’t think they have any…) can’t help but to admit that the song is damn good.






So confused right now. So after they released the mini-album: Heart to Heart, they now have a full length album called: 4 minutes Left (which is basically the mini-album with a few new songs, including a Korean version of First.)

Here is the PV to the their song Mirror Mirror.


Why is Hyuna such a fucking tryhard?

Seriously. I love her, but girl tries way too hard. She needs to stop. Because…it’s not sexy. at all.

Anyway, the song…is okay. I definitely like it better than Heart to Heart (which was horrible imo), but the PV looks crazy cheap. Including the white outfits (love the black ones though).

Is it just me or do those two backgrounds look like backgrounds I’ve seen in other Kpop PVs?





So…this is supposed to be the 3rd generation of BABY VOX…Here is the PV to their song, DR Feel Good.


So…the song is…pretty bad actually, and the dancing reminds me of that video that Keri Hilson did for The Way You Love Me ( a PV that got a lot of people talking here in the U.S…but not in a good way), just not as raunchy.

(Why are people saying this PV is American? What fucking American PVs have you all been watching lately? )

Here is the English version of the song (Yes…they are going to try and break into the American market.)

The English version is worse tbh. They must be putting all their faith into that raunchy PV, because this song sounds too out of date to make even a dent here.

The lyrics are terrible too.

Anyway, apparently, Kpop stans are ripping these girls apart. Like really ripping them apart. Calling them trashy, sluts, whores, etc etc.


Sure it’s slutty, but so what? They are all adults (as far as I know) so I don’t see anything wrong with it.  If it were male idols people wouldn’t give a fuck. Male idols are gyrating and shirtless all of the time…but that isn’t seen as slutty?

Not only that, but how do people have the nerve to call this group slutty when  majority of the popular “fierce” girl-groups- that are praised so much– are borderline slutty themselves?

Oh. Okay.

I went way off subject.

To summarize:

– The song sucks ass.

– The video is okay. Kind of cheap looking, Sexy (almost slutty), but not anywhere near horrible. Their outfits are cute.

– They have okay voices. Not anything special.

– I doubt they will find huge success here in the U.S. Maybe…Hikki success at most (few radio plays).

– Kpop stans are alway contradicting themselves.

-What fucking kind of name is ‘Teddy Riley, the first expansion into Asia’ for a mini-album? That producer is too cocky. (and the agency is wrong for naming it that…That man is nothing to brag about. Did you listen to that horrible shit he had the nerve to put MJ’s name on?!)





Jay Chou did a CM for Sprite with Kobe Bryant. That’s not all though. He made a song (Along with a PV too).


What the fuck Jay? What. The fuck.





Holy Shit.

Aoi’s hair~! (I knew he had dyed his hair pink but OMG. It looks so good!)

They all look so amazing! Especially Kai! Shit shit shit!

God. Pre-ordering this freaking single as soon as it’s up on CDJapan.

BTW, the single is called Vortex and it’s being released on the 25th of next month!!!!





Perfume – Seventh Heaven


CHI CHI – 장난치지마 (So…apparently, people (read: SONES) hate them because they said that they wanted to surpass SNSD.  SMDH.  I personally think this song is crazy catchy.)


Seo in Guk – Broken


Kan Mi Youn – Paparazzi


Aya Kamiki – Secret Code (I love this girl so much. I’m currently listening to all of her albums and they are so good. I’m so glad I decided to download EVILALIVE.)


Asian Kung Fu Generation – Hold Me Tight (My brother and I are both fans of AKFG but he always makes fun of the fact that I LOVE this song. Sure the English is bad but the song is just so catchy lol)


Sleepy.ab – Melody (If you have never tried out this Japanese band. You need to do it.)


and that’s it ^_^

Title of this post is ‘Au Revoir’ because it was what I was listening to (Malice Mizer) when I finished typing it up.

Also, happy belated 21st birthday to Haruma Miura!


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