Hold the flowers to your heart, and pray that they may some day bloom.

Everyone already knows about the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan a few days ago. Really I could do a whole post about how saddened I am and how proud I am of some of the musicians I’m fans of (namely GACKT and Ayu, but really just about all my main artists I listen to have been great at helping. Makes me so proud to be their fan). I could talk about how annoyed and dissapointed I am at all of the insensitive people but I won’t.

If you haven’t donated yet or you plan to donate again click HERE where you can find a number of different organizations to donate to.

Obviously, being that this blog is mainly about Japanese music, I have nothing to really talk about.  So I’m just going to put a few songs that I’ve been listening to a lot of lately :)


MAY’S – Spread Your Wings


DREAMS COME TRUE – PROUD OF YOU (I’ve recently become a HUGE fan of DREAMS COME TRUE. Their music is amazing. If you’ve never tried them out before, you need to do it. You will not be dissapointed. (I personally recommend The Love Rocks…out of the five albums I’ve listened to so far this is my favorite.) also, This is a live performance of this song because I couldn’t find just a regular rip of the song.)


ORANGE CARAMEL – 마법소녀 (I’ve also become a huge fan of AFTERSCHOOL’s subgroup, Orange Caramel. Very – and I mean very – reminiscent of Morning Musume to me. I love it.)


WheeSung FT. Jun Hyung (BEAST) – Words That Freeze My Heart


and that’s it for now :) I might update again…if my mood is better by then…

The title of the post is a line from Ayumi Hamasaki’s ‘A Song is Born’.


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