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I don’t know if you guys noticed, but I changed my name from sweet-donuts to PaperDoll. Don’t ask me why I did it, because I don’t know myself lol

Any way onto it~


So I’m sure everyone knows already, but Namie is releasing a collaboration best album called CheckMate. Here is the cover:

That outfit is so ugly (then again most of her outfits are unfortunately). As well as the font.

But I love everything else. Her pose, the hair, the chess pieces, it’s all on point.

I pre-ordered this as soon as I heard about it, because I love Namie’s Collaborations. (and I’m really looking forward to her songs with Yamapi and Lil’ Wayne~) So now, to the PVs that have been released:

Super Woman Ft. AI and Anna Tsuchiya


Well, the PV is pretty basic. They could have done something really great with this but…they didn’t.  Oh well, at least AI and Namie look gorgeous.

The song is amazing. It blew my mind how good it was. I hated the last song AI and Namie came out with, so this is a good step up. (And in all honesty I would have preferred it with out Anna Tsuchiya).

I don’t think I’ve liked one of her songs this much since the Best Fiction era.


and now, Make It Happen Ft. AFTERSCHOOL (this song and PV was so hyped up, it was crazy.)


The PV is…cute, but nothing extraordinary. A pretty normal Namie PV.  AFTERSCHOOL looks like backup dancers sorry to say, and their lines were so minimal you might as well have said that’s what they were. Not only that but, these girls usually seem very beautiful (Especially my flawless Kahi <3) but next to Namie they look so plain it’s not even funny D:  (also, I wish Namie would have danced.)

The song itself, is okay. Sounds like a filler song that would have been on Past<Future.  The comments on Arama had me laughing so hard because they were acting like this was the best song and PV to be released so far this year when it isn’t. I don’t even think it has anything to do with the song at all. It’s just because AFTERSCHOOL and Namie are collaborating that people are pissing their pants. If people actually think this song is that great…I’m judging them so hard  right now. The song is good, don’t get me wrong, but is it as good as people are making it seem? Hell no. (this is only my opinion of course).

But, let me just say, that AVEX did a damn good job of bringing AFTERSCHOOL to the masses like this. (Let’s be honest, it’s obvious that’s who their signed with) Hopefully they get the producers that Namie has (Why aren’t they doing this for 2NE1 though? Max M. said on twitter they would be debuting this spring so…o.O). I actually really love AFTERSCHOOL and they are one of the few Kpop acts I’m looking forward to.  So hopefully they do well like KARA and don’t flop like 4minute :/





Arashi’s new single Lotus was leaked yesterday.

PV for ‘Lotus’ :


Uhm. WOW. They look amazing in white. Fucking gorgeous. The backdrop is really breathtaking too. I found myself being drawn to it every time they were shown dancing in front of it.

And the dancing!! The dance routine was dope. (loved the part during 00:54 – 00:57) Nice coordination.  And I love how they are always so in-sync with each other.

But the PV is very bland once you get past all of that. I kind of want another TroubleMaker PV. Something that was very amusing and held your attention. But I guess we’ll just have to be okay with this.

As for the song, someone on Arama said that it sounded like a mix between ‘truth’ and ‘Believe’  (I don’t think they meant this in a good way though lol) and I agree with them, but being that  I love both of those songs, I don’t mind it.

I can’t wait to see them perform this!

(Sometimes, I really hate MatsuJun’s recent hairstyle. This is one of these times.)


B-side for ‘Lotus‘- ‘ever‘:

I…don’t like it. It’s pretty boring and really I am so tired of Arashi and their ballads lol. They released so many last year! …even though 2010 gave me ‘to be free’ and ‘Hatenai Sora’ I really hope this year we get no ballads as their singles. (and this really goes to all of my biases…especially Ayu…with the exception of GACKT because he never disappoints with ballads. Then again I wouldn’t care what type of song he releases, as long as it’s something!)

The other B-side – ‘Boom Boom’

Ho shit. I fucking love this song.  I don’t know what I was expecting from this, but it definitely wasn’t this masterpiece! I like this song better than ‘Lotus’ actually.  It’s a nice change from the usual Arashi song. Loving it.

And LOL at the people complaining about the auto-tune. The way some people were complaining about it you would think we were listening to some 2NE1 or something lol. I personally didn’t mind it.  The only thing that annoyed me was the amount they put when Sho was rapping (it pissed me off, because I love the way he sounds when he raps…)

Not to mention the people who were hating on this song. I think the people in Arama hate any artist that’s doing great in Japan LOL. If you’re doing good. You suck and make shitty music. (Especially that chick who a Kanjani8 stan yet hates on Arashi-AKB-Kpop-Koda Kumi etc etc…just about every artist. She annoys the fuck out of me.)

All in all, I think this is a pretty solid single.  I still don’t know whether or not I’m going to order it though.





DA PUMP- Can’t Get Your Love


Kubata Toshinobu with Naomi Campbell- LaLaLa Love Song (Just started watching ‘Long Vacation’ with KimuTaku (it’s really good btw) and damn it if this song is not stuck in my head.


Show LuoOnly You (…I’m kind of on the fence with this song. I like it but then I don’t? Sounds like something everyone’s doing right now. A lot of Mandopop listeners are saying it has a very Kpop flair to it. And I agree. But then again, everything in Taiwan (musically) is being influenced by Kpop right now, and we can’t really do anything about it, but hope that it ends soon.  His album is solid though, I’m loving it. )


In the Air- L’Arc en Ciel (OMG. I got my TWENITY albums friday (oh yes. I paid money to make sure these babies got here quick) and OMG…the songs are digitally remastered. They sound so beautiful ;_; I don’t even know what to do with myself.)


Park Kahi– 돌아와 나쁜 너 (I love Kahi. I do. and I like this song (Even if it’s extremely repetitive), But I am so fucking tired of all the videos with K-idols looking the same. Like really. Similar backdrops, similar sound, similar outfits and dance moves. I’m so over it. Give me something new. Please.)


Yuka Masaki – Last Kiss


Yamaguchi Momoe- 横須賀ストーリー


And that’s it~



I think I’m about to go read some YooSu fics…I haven’t read some in quite a while…

(I actually wanted to post a delicious gif I saw yesterday of JYJ (OT3, Yoosu, JaeSu, JaeChun all in one. YUM.) but wordpress is fucking up on me. So enjoy Breakerz fanservice instead)


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