Not much commentary on the topics today…but I just felt like posting to be honest.

So onto it:


Ayu is going to be the new campaign model for UK’s Aquascutum.



Ugh. Gorgeous pics. And I am loving her shoes (I actually have a pair similar to those…but I’ve only worn them once >_>)

Seeing these pictures, kind of makes me wish I owned a trench coat lol.

(Also, she really needs to stop getting those fillers in her lips. All they do is make her look old. I don’t like it D: )




Be My Baby PV Preview:


Megumi no Hito PV Preview:

The Be My Baby PV looks like it’ll be hot~! (I love her rendition of this song.) But Megumi no Hito…idk. It looks kinda cheap tbh. (And maybe it was just me, but it seems like they used the same set for both PVs :/ I hope it was done purposely…)




Jin is going to work with Jason Derulo on his first U.S. single


I personally don’t really care for Jason Derulo. Like at all. I think his music is basic as fuck and he’s one of the 1oo MJ wannabes, But I do know that he’s hot right now. I mean, hey, this collaboration is better than Se7en and Lil’ Kim >_>

(But, Verbal takes the prize for best collaboration!! Lil’ Wayne AND Nicki Minaj! Hopefully those songs will be good~! )

Here are some clips from CDTV talking about the collab (Jin’s English just seems to be getting better and better.)




Ayumi Hamasaki – Paper Doll (Oh yeah, pre-AVEX Ayu. LOL. I know most Ayu fans hate the Nothing from Nothing mini-album, but I personally love it. She sounds cute rapping lol. I still have yet to get it. I will one day though. I will get it!)


Twenty4-7 – Believe


Elva Hsiao – Miss Chic (OMFG! She was at the grammy’s with Jamie Foxx!!! I was so shocked when I saw her on the red carpet. I was like, “Is…is that Elva Hsiao?!!” and it was! She looked great and girl sounds sexy speaking in English lol. And apparently Jamie is helping her try and break into the American market. I say get girl. Get. It.)


Nobody Knows+ – Hero’s ComeBack (I’m FINALLY watching Naruto Shippuuden lol. Don’t judge me.)


Goto Maki – アゲ♂曲


Aya Kamiki – Revolver


Mika Nakashima – ALWAYS


mink- Rescue Me (LOVE this girl. and it sucks that she was dropped from AVEX (at least that’s what I read happened) either way, she has great songs (very reminscent of Mika Nakashima) so check her out)


Lady Gaga- Born This Way (Wow. This song is getting crazy amount of controversy o.O I personally really like it. It isn’t her best song but so what? I think the message it great. and I think it’ll get a lot play in the clubs. People are only hating on this for two reasons 1: Because Elton John and others hyped it up way too much, and 2: because it sounds like Madonna’s Express Yourself (And it does. But I don’t care.) It’s still gonna get played like crazy on the radio lol)


and that’s it ^_^



I’ve begun reading up Hindu philosophy…very interesting stuff

…I think I may start meditating.


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