I NEED A BOYFRIEND. (with a semi-emotional JYJ edit at the end…)

So…before I get into the music. Let me do something I haven’t really done since my last blog.

Talk about my life.

So, a few posts ago I said -very briefly- that I was moving to Houston at the end of this summer. I really think it’s something that I need to do, because I cannot live here anymore. I live in a relatively small city and there is really nothing for people here who want to make something of themselves (unless you want to work at a plant…). When I told my parents, they didn’t take it too well, especially since my brother moved away just a few months ago. Usually I would have caved and just decided to stay to make them happy. But I can’t do that anymore, otherwise I’ll never really get out on my own and live my life (because even when I was living in that apartment last year with Thao and Dani, my parents still ruled my fucking life).

Also, I’m not going to school next semester. When the Fall semester begins, I’ll just be moving to Houston, and I want to get used to life there and work so that I have some money to be able to support myself (because I know that once I start school I won’t be getting any hours). Before you guys ask, I’m not moving alone. It’s going to be me and one of my cousins. We both have the same problems and want to fix it lol.

Also, I am so pissed that I don’t have a boyfriend to get me anything for Valentine’s Day like really. I mean, I can count on my dad to get me something but that’s not the same as a boyfriend getting you something, you know what I mean? I haven’t had a boyfriend in in like, over seven months D: I miss having one~.  Le sigh, I guess I’ll just be a depressed bitch for Valentine’s Day lol.

Anyway, Onto the post.  (Ayu, 4minute, Arashi, and EXILE~)



Is it just me or are all of their PVs starting to look the same?  It seems like a mix between ‘I MY ME MINE’ and ‘HUH’…I mean, can we get a different concept?  Also, I think the song sounds a lot like their song, ‘MUZIK’  …but I commend them on actually trying to release new music in Japan. Even if it seems like no one cares about them there. They seem to really want to make this work long term. Hopefully, when 2NE1 debuts it’ll give them some attention because that’s who they are more like…not SNSD or KARA.

And the girls look gorgeous here, Especially Hyuna, she’s the only one I know lol. I honestly can’t tell the difference between the girls in these groups anymore. They all look the same to me now. It’s kind of annoying how every idol group in Korea is doing the same thing. It’s tired.

(And to be honest, I think that’s why I see a lot of people leaving the Kpop fandom now.)





Seven releases. SEVEN!! on the same day!!

Now, I stan Ayu like no other. But I, personally, am not getting any of the mixes, only because I don’t really care for them personally. I only have one of the many “ayu-mi-x”s that she has out.

But the DVDs? Oh hell yeah, I’m buying those. For sure.  I already pre-ordered the Rock n Roll Circus DVD, and I’m going to wait until I buy GACKT’s YFC dvd to get the 50 singles live collection~.

And I am so butthurt over the fact that she still has never performed ‘kanariya’. Like really, Ayu?! I don’t want the fucking PV on this DVD! It’s one of her highest selling singles, and yet she’s never performed it, what the hell is up with that?!….hopefully she will for the upcoming tour (even though I know she will butcher it because she tries not to go in that high register anymore…even though she knows she can still do it). ::fingers crossed::

And can I just say, I am getting really annoyed with Ayu and her husband on twitter. There are times where I feel like they are doing/saying these lovey dovey things on twitter just for the fans…I mean, girl, can’t you tell him this stuff in person?! Ya’ll are still together in the same city. I mean WTF man?!





Arashi has broken their own record with the highest DVD sales in a week. Selling over 618,000 copies of their recent Live Tour DVD. (and over 58,000 in the next week)

Not only that, but they are now the artists with the highest selling music DVD sales in Japanese history with over 4million sold! (followed by Momosu and Ayu <3)

All I got to say is,


I was fucking shocked. Because when I watched their concert I was thinking to myself, “I wonder if their popularity is waining there?” …Well, I got my answer. The Storm is not stopping!

Being that I stan ARASHI hard now (the amount of Arashi communities that I’m apart of on LJ is insane!) I have come to realize that they are like the DBSK (5member) of the Jpop fandom lol

  • Non-Arashi fans hate their fans and are just all around tired of hearing about Arashi all the time
  • They are both seen as predecessors of their incredibly successful seniors. (Arashi is seen as the SMAP of their generation, DBSK is seen as the H.O.T. of their generation )
  • Shit ton of records set that probably won’t ever be beat
  • both in the Guinness Book of World Records
  • They have as many haters as they do lovers

This list could go on and on lol. But I really do see a lot of similarities between them. (let’s just hope Matsujun, Sho, and Aiba don’t decide to sue JE lol)

Anyway, Congrats Arashi~ and I hope that they continue to have success. since really, after their first album, their sales plummeted like crazy and they were on the bottom of the totem pole for a long time. Their juniors were selling more than them! Their dramas were the only thing keeping them going at the time (And Sho being a reporter or whatev). I mean, they were doing arenas for their finals!!  Really. Other JE groups were holding concerts in the domes and they’re doing arenas. o.O

So I say fuck the haters. They deserve all of the success they’re getting right now. It was a long time coming.






I’ve been a fan of EXILE for a couple of years now, but I’ve never watched one of their concerts until a couple of days ago.

What the hell took me so long?!

I think it had a lot to do with fact that I never really liked the performances they did on music shows…but I was bored and decided to just watch one of their concerts (it was their most recent one.)

Oh damn. Avex needs to fucking get them for A-nation! They know how to work the stage like whoa!

As soon as the concert started, I was like Aw Shiiieeet~!!

These were pretty much me throwout different parts of the concert:

Seriously, that concert was epic!!!! I’m downloading every single concert they’ve done. I need to watch them all. (It’s like when I first began to stan Ayu and I saw the (miss)understood concert and then I went on a rampage to find every one of her concerts.)

Here is a performance from their most recent concert (EXILE LIVE TOUR 2010 ~ FANTASY) of course, it’s my favorite song by them, 24 KARATS!!!


And here is the PV for their new single, Each Other’s Way (it’s so sad that HIRO is leaving D; )






Heavy Rotation- AKB48 ! (Thanks a lot (you know who you are!)Now I’m addicted to this song again :/ Also, can I just say, you better fucking get it AKB!  All of the views they have on their PVs is crazy! Especially this one (Thank you Sones for trolling this vid! ^_-)


Punky Heart- LM.c (I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of this song lol. I was cleaning out my ‘favorites’ on my youtube account and saw this vid in there…decided to listen to it again. Happy I did.)


Distance- Kana Nishino (Only the second song that I can say that I absolutely love by her. I think the gorgeous PV has something to do with it lol. The more I look at her the more I think she’s like a hybrid between Ayu and Namie…It’s weird…)


Forever Love- ShotaXMiliyah (So excited for Shota’s new album \O/ )


I Wish For You- EXILE (That new single put me in an EXILE mood, what can I say??)


No Other- SUPER JUNIOR (Been feeling SUJU lately…especially Heechul :P )


Fallin’ In Love Again- HIROMI (Great great voice <3)


Kona Yuki- remioromen (Randomly came on while I was listening to my iPod as I was cleaning my room)


My Immortal- Evanescence (Same as the one above…Damn this brings back memories…I used to stan evanescence so hard D: )


I am Not a Robot- Marina and the Diamonds (In the last week, I’ve become a fan of a few UK artists. She is one of them. I love how the UK has such quirky artists lol)


And that is all~~

Be prepared to see a lot of gifs in future posts. Because I have a shit-ton of them and I’m tired of having them taking up space on my laptop and me still not using any of them :/

EDIT::: OMFG. I went on Junsu centered tumblr (i don’t even know why I did) and just about peed my pants! My precious baby!!! How I missed him so! I just saved a shit load of of Junsu/JYJ gifs and pictures D:  (That I’ve been missing out on since September!) and I saw a ton of news and shizz that I didn’t even know about! Like Su’s musical (Well, i did kind of know about that) and other things!! I  don’t think I can hold out anymore. I can’t. I have to go back to stanning Junsu! I mean just look at him werking it in this gif! (and Chunface barely doing anything, and JaeJoong grindng horribly lol):

My determination to stay away from the fandom (for my own good) is crumbling….D: what to do what to do?! And OMGah I am in love with Chun’s hair~!

…I miss my OT3 (And of course my OTP. YOOSU!).

But I honestly cannot deal with the back and forth between HoMin stans and JYJ stans and the shit with SME. I really can’t deal with it. It is honestly bad for my wellbeing because that shit was getting to me more than it should have (And more than I let on). That’s how invested I was with these guys. And that was/is not good. So, right now, all I’m going to really focus on and care about is Junsu and his solo projects. Not that I don’t care about JaeChun or HoMin! It’s just that all I’m stanning is Junsu for now.  So what that means is I still won’t be going on any JYJ/HoMin/TVXQ  fansites (I probably still won’t go on Xiah-shii either) I have to slowly get back into this fandom. And I mean VERY slowly. Maybe I’ll stick with getting my news on tumblr for now lol.

It’s funny, how after 3 months of being Junsu deprived, that seeing a tons of Junsu pics at one time did this to me :/

What can I say? I love me some Junsu~.


3 responses

  1. I hear Houston is a good place so you should do fine there. Plus, gurl, we’re going to be in the same state.

    Ayu oh Ayu. Deep down inside, I feel like when she has a evil little smile when she decides to release a shitload of stuff on a certain date. Still love her though and I think the twitter thing has to do with the fact that both are in different spots on the globe.

    Were you talking about me when you posted the Heavy Rotation PV. Dude, that single is still selling, its crazy. Also, I’m looking forward to Shota’s album too.

    Its okay to stan your favorite man. So long as you only focus on the things you want to stan and block out the other stuff, it will still be healthy so don’t worry.

    Please continue to post more gifs as many of them are funny and fun to watch.

    • Also, do you remember the K-pop group called D-NA (I think taht’s what they’re called)? Anyways, I was at the Sony Music site and found out they will be releasing their first Japanese single on April 13. Just thought you’d like to know.

    • I hope I’ll like it there. I think it’ll be a little overwhelming, especially after living in a pretty small city all my life, but hopefully I’ll be able to adjust >_<
      (Wha~? you live in Texas? Idky but I always imagined you living up north somewhere lol)

      More like Max Matsuura has a little evil smile going on lol as soon as fans started hounding him about those another AYU-TRANCE album I guess he decided to really cash in, I mean, he was only supposed to be doing the Ayu TRANCE 4…

      And as for her husband…nah, they are still in the same place together. She hasn't gone back to Japan yet. So, I really do think they do it just for the fans to gush over.

      And yes, I was talking about you! and ikr, about Hebirote?! Really every single that they released last year is still charting lol but hebirote, like no other. I say good for them, they have a lot of haters but it won't change the fact that they are selling better than every other artist right now.

      I really missed stanning Junsu lol. It's a different kind of stanning than what I do for Ayu and Gackt. I'll just have to make sure I don't stan him too hard because it didn't work out last time lol

      And of course I know D-NA! I love them and I think they're like a young DBSK. I didn't know when their single was coming out so thanks for telling me~

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