I kinda want to officially go back to the fandom, just to support Su…

Two posts in row that have to do with the members of TVXQ?

..this is beginning to feel like LADY DYNAMITE 2.0 ….


I ended up reading an article where HoMin talked about their comeback stage. And how he clarified why he called this album “the second coming of TVXQ” in his ‘Thanks To’ message for the album, saying:

It’s just an expression of our feelings in starting our activities again as a duo. After a long while, Changmin and I have released an album, the message was just meant to be an expression of greeting our fans again. It’s our new sense of determination.

People are saying that he said this because JunSu tweeted some rather emotional tweets to a “Hyung” and people assume he was speaking about YunHo…

Here are the tweets:

“This can’t be true… I came to believe that those things was the enemy of all five of us, however now I think not all of us see it that way. Seeing how you express your gratitude to someone who was our enemy, makes me wonder… there must be a lot of things that happened when we were apart for a long time. I’m getting tired.”

“I try to think, see and listen only to the good things from all these times, but just today I find it really difficult. Even though we’re apart, this isn’t right, Hyung. We used to share the same thought. Why are you doing this.”

“I must love everything.. I must embrace everything.. I must embrace all of that.. That’s what I should do.. ^^”

“On our beautiful dream, all this is, is an ordeal we must face right now.. When the flowers fall, we will start again.. start again.. start again.. again.. we have to.”

Not only that, but when JYJ held a press conference for their new album (that I did not know about), he was asked why he tweeted what he did (even YooChun was curious), and he walked out of the conference room…


Shim JaeWon -SM choreographer and former Blackbeat member tweeted this, many think it was directed toward Junsu:

“Okay, I can’t just ignore this…. Little brother, that’s just not it..Who’s supposed to be blaming who here? Don’t play the victim. Who do you think is really hurt here?…. You’re so ungrateful, are you kidding me..?”

And then BoA RT’d it. (Really BoA? )

Now, we have HoMin stans calling JunSu childish and we got JYJ stans defending JunSu.

….I’m trying really hard not to go in on these bitches like I used to on LADY DYNAMITE…I’m really trying.

Now, I may have left the fandom, but Junsu will forever be my bias.

Which of course means, I’m taking his side.

Now, I’m not saying that HoMin weren’t/aren’t hurting or in fear of not succeeding (because lets be honest. Majority of fans left them…Though BigEast seems to have decided to stick by them no matter what),

but JaeWon. Who the fuck do you think you are?

JunSu is ungrateful? JunSu is playing the victim? How so? Because he sued a company he felt wasn’t treating him right?  Because he (alledgedy) wanted to know what made Yunho say the things he said, when he probably told JYJ something totally different in the beginning?

Don’t even get me fucking started on BoA.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be the first to admit that JYJ have been having a little pity party for a while now with themselves and the fans (I’m looking mainly at you JaeChun). It’s a big reason why I left the fandom (next to the batshit crazy stans). But to attack him like that? Come on now? The best thing to do was to just let it be.

He sounded geniunely hurt and confused in those tweets and he wasn’t blaming anyone at all …other than the CEOs of SME I’m sure (if anything, in the last tweet it seemed as though he wants TVXQ to be five again).  So where they come across attacking him like that, I don’t know.

And apparently it’s not just those two. It’s other members of SMfamily attacking him too. God please, as long as EunHyuk doesn’t join in it I will be happy. (Hyuksu…stay strong in ya’ll friendship!)

All TVXQ fans should know better than anyone that if there was any member that loved TVXQ it was JunSu. (I’m sorry, but I just can not forget the dome concerts where he cried. That shit was real. No matter what anyone says. He loves TVXQ)

Honestly, I just want this shit to end. I just want TVXQ to fucking get back together. Work through whatever the fuck went on in the last year and a half and get back together man. Because lets face it. HoMin and JYJ just aren’t as good as 5-nin TVXQ. They just aren’t.

It’s a far-fetched wish, but I don’t care.  I really don’t. I want my 5 member TVXQ back. I’m cool with the TVXQ-duo and JYJ, they have to work after all, but I’m not biased toward either unit anymore so all I want is my old TVXQ back. If you don’t like it, Oh the fuck well.)

Get back together and stop all the drama -__-

Anyway, here are the comebacks stages for HoMin

How Can I (this is one of my favorite tracks on the album so I’m happy they performed it):


WHY(Keep Your Head Down) – Yunho made this performance. Period. He was feeling it and he sounded great. Changmin however…He still needs to work on it lol ^^; I thought the charisma I saw in the PV would have transferred onto the stage…but it didn’t, we got awkward Changmin again >_< Which I think is cute, but he’ll need to step it up if he wants to be on par with Yunho (…uh yeah, Yunho is becoming my second bias lol…still love you Chunface).  He sounds really winded at times… but it was a good performance nonetheless it’ll only get better I’m sure ^_^


Also, I listened to HoMin’s new album…It wasn’t as great as I thought it was going to be. Only songs that really stood out to me were Athena, WHY(Keep Your Head Down), How Can I, and Honey Funny Bunny. Other than that the songs were rather boring. …It was a good album, but Iwas expecting more…I was kind of dissapointed :/ (the same way I was with JYJ’s album- The Beginning (hopefully this Korean album will be better)….and I’m sure many fans will agree with me. (I loved ‘The… ‘though. Those songs were perfection. And if someone liked ‘The Beginning’ over ‘The…’ , then something is very wrong. That’s all I got to say about that.)

That’s it for now, I’ll probably do another post Saturday or Sunday…we’ll see.


UNF. G….Don’t let them take pictures of you like that! Give fangirls bad thoughts!


….Ok. Really that’s it.


I just…UGH…I miss this. I miss HoSu ;_;


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