Yes…I know I haven’t updated in quite awhile…I plan to have an actual post sometime next week.

…I just have to say.


Ayu is getting married. To MANNIE?!!!!!


She announced it on her TA blog. Which means it has to be true. It’s basically straight from her mouth!

You guys I seriously thought they were just joking around with all the dating ands shit. Come to find out they were really dating…but they just met each other in september…and he can’t speak Japanese and she can barely speak English. This shit is very suspect but all I. Can say is


(and yes I seem like a selfish fan but I hope she doesn’t retire.)

Fuck. Now AHS is down D:

What are u guys thoughts on this?


One response

  1. It’s suspicious and here’s a long list/conspiracy theory as to why:
    1. They got married in Las Vegas aka Sin City. Nuff said.
    2. language barrier. Communication is essential in any relationship and without it it can not last.
    3. Dating time. Four+ months is not enough time to know a person and the marriage feels rushed.
    4. Age. Ayu’s in her early thirties and I think she’s trying to have a kid before her factory stops.
    5. Mannie. Who the fxxk is he? I heard from another blog that he’s an Austrian actor but still.

    Either way, congrats to Ayu and may their marriage last.

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