I have decided to do a challenge….once again. Except with this challenge it’s more about myself than me and my opinion on music. But like last time, I got this challenge from the same blog I got the other one from (I’m actually thinking of doing the DBSK challenge she discontinued as well as the 10 day challenge).

I need to get back into blogging. What better way than this?

  1. 10 things about your appearance, (clothes, face, hair, height, smile, piercing’s, tattoo’s).
  2. 10 things you do every single day.
  3. 10 things about your personality.
  4. 10 of your favorite foods.
  5. 10 things about your family.
  6. 10 things about your friends.
  7. 10 of your favorite people. (no particular order)
  8. 10 things you’re ashamed of.
  9. 10 favorite bands or artists. ( no particular order )
  10. 10 things you absolutely hate.
  11. 10 things you love.

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