Yep. Two weeks late, but I did it. This blog is officially closed. Would say this has been fun… and sometimes it was, but this blog was a pain in the ass. Happy to be starting a new one :)

So check out the new blog, please!




Yes. Yes, I am still alive.

Initially I took a break from blogging simply because it got to the point where I was so busy I couldn’t even think about this blog. Then when I did want to blog I had absolutely no idea what to talk about being that I don’t take the time out to watch PVs or PV previews or anything like that anymore.

Anyway, I probably won’t be doing my usual types of posts anytime soon (Sorry~), so I figure doing a SOTM post every two weeks or so would have to suffice. That way I can still rave about the songs and artists that I’m loving without all of the extra hassle that usually went into making other posts. With that said, this will be a three part SOTM post. I’ll try and post one every day, but I make no promises.

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SOTM #11

Tbh, i know it’s only the beginning of the year, but I haven’t been really feeling the songs that have been released so far lol.  But that’s fine, it tends to happen from time to time. So, that usually means that I go and listen to older music.

Anyway, the post.

(Also changed my icon to the glorious KimuTaku. )

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10 things about your family

  1. I have eight siblings (seven brothers and one sister).
  2. With the exception of one, all of my siblings are at least 10 years older than me.
  3. My dad is 64. My mom is 59.
  4. My mom is a TV addict (We don’t exist when she’s watching television).
  5. My dad thinks he can fix anything wrong with the house. He just ends up making it worse.
  6. One of my brothers has neurofibromatosis.
  7. Five of my eight siblings are or have been married.
  8. I have a niece who is older than me.
  9. One of my brothers is a high school teacher.
  10. Two of my brothers served in the Navy.